Chef's de France in Disney's Epcot: A delicious option

Chef's de France at Disney World Epcot

One of the reservations I was looking forward to the most was at Chefs de France at Epcot.  Neither of us had ever eaten here before and I was happy to snag the ADR ( Advanced Dining Reservation) during my booking window.

Chef's de france review at Disney Epcot

Of course Chef's de France is in the France Pavilion in Epcot. There is a small portico that you can wait under until it is your turn to be seated.

Chef's de France review Disney World Epcot

 The maitre d was so friendly and even posed for some pictures for us while we waited.

We didn't wait long until the hostess took us in the restaurant to our seats.

 As we entered, we took a right and sat in the side of the restaurant that was closest to Remy's new attraction. 

Since I was looking forward to this meal, I had looked at the online menu several times planning out what I was going to get. Don't you do that too?

Chef's de France review and Menu Disney world Epcot

But, on the paper menu we were given, we saw something different that I had not noticed on the online menu.  Although this restaurant is listed as Al la Carte, there is an option for a Prix Fixe Meal.  The Prix Fix price is $67.95 and included one appetizer, one entree, one dessert, and a glass of wine.

After deciding what each of us was going to order, we thought that if we could share the Prix Fixe option, that would be perfect for us. We asked our wonderful waiter Alex if sharing of the Prix Fixe menu was allowed and he happily told us yes!

French restaurant at Disney World, fairytales and Fitness Disney blog

We started with some freshly baked baguettes (that were still warm).  Of course Sybie had to come with us! 
French restaurant at Disney

For the appetizer we chose the  Salade aux lardons et croutons - selected greens, house vinaigrette dressing, bacon, tomatoes, and croutons ($10.75). Our waiter was nice enough to give us an extra plate without us even asking. 

Best Beef dish at Disney, French restaurant

For the entree we decided on the Boeuf Bourguignon with linguine- Braised beef in cabernet with baby onions, carrots, and pasta ($33.95).  This dish was excellent and reminded me of grandma's pot roast for Sunday dinner.  I'm not too much of an adventurous eater so this was perfect for me. I know my sister probably would have chose something different if we weren't sharing, but she was pleased with it too.  This ended up being a larger portion than it looked and easily sharable.

There were only three desserts to choose from, but they all sounded yummy.  Our choices were vanilla Creme Brulee, a berry salad with a Madeline, and a chocolate tarte.

Chocolate tarte at French restaurant at Disney
We chose the chocolate tarte, which was Tarte au chocolat Valrhona, - Chocolate tart, white chocolate mousse, and cocoa coullis insert. ($13.95).

This was definitely the right decision!

I know it looks like I spelled a few words wrong during this blog post, but that is how they were spelled on the menu. 

Until I started writing this blog post, I never even added up the cost of our food to see if it was even worth the Prix Fixe price of $67.95 or not. In the moment, we just thought it sounded like a good deal seeing that most entrees on the menu were around $30 anyways.

The wine that came with the Prix Fixe menu were the house wines and according to the menu prices I am looking at now, they range from $7.95 to $13.25.  I'm not sure which one Lacey got. However, if it was the $7.95 glass than our total bill had we bought these items al la carte would have been just under $67 ( $66.60). If it was the $13.25 glass of wine than our total would have been  $70.

Disney blogger restaurant review, Chefs de France

Had we ordered separately, I would not have got a glass of wine anyways ( only Lacey would have).  We probably would not have ordered an appetizer and if we did get dessert, we would have shared it. 

I still would have ordered the beef dish for $33.95 and even Lacey would have also ordered an entree. It most likely would have been $30, and then add her glass of wine and we would have been at or close to $67 anyway.  So sharing the prix fixe menu may not be such a great deal for some, but it worked out for us.  We got to try a variety of items from this restaurant and yet not feel stuffed like we would had we each got our own entree. 


There are some Disney restaurants that you want to experience just to "check them off your list", but this is truly one that I would visit again because both the service and food was so good! 

Which Disney restaurant would you visit again?  -M &L

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