Mandara Spa at Disney


Our last Disney trip was longer than usual so we knew we wanted to check out one of the spas one day. Unfortunately the Senses Spa at Saratoga Springs and Grand Floridian were not operating  while we were there (Summer of 2021).  Fortunately the full service spa at Disney's Swan Resort was operating!

The Mandara Spa is located on the main level of the Swan Resort.  We did make reservations months in advance, but you could make reservations during your stay. I'll tell you why I know this later.

When you make a reservation at the Spa, you have full access to the facility for either 4 hours before your appointment or 4 hours after. 

We arrived only about 15 minutes prior to our appointment and sat in the waiting area and filled out some paper work.  My sister and I both chose to get the pedicure package. This was a great choice after all the walking we've been doing.

We didn't wait long before we were called back to our station.  I'm not sure what the proper name is to call someone who gives you a pedicure so I will just call them "technicians" or should I call them "pedicurist"?  Either way, they were absolutely terrific! 

We actually had a fun time chatting and taking pictures! They thought it was a hoot that we brought our flat Sybie to Disney. They were even giving us suggestions of pictures to take! 

We had a foot and calf soak, a scrub, and a light massage before getting our nails done.  They even brought us wine and mimosas! I opted for 7-up in my "mimosa" instead of Champagne. 

When we were finished, we walked back to the locker room and changed into our swimsuits and spa robes.  We took a little tour of the facility and then went to the relaxation room were there was suppose to be light refreshments. 

 I'm not sure if it was because of Covid but there were no snacks. There were bottles of water and some tea.  That was fine though because we didn't stay in the relaxation room long. 

We made our way over to the steam room.  This was a wet steam room and boy did it get hot.  We met a nice lady here that was celebrating her wedding anniversary.  Her husband ( who must have been on the men's side) and her had bought a day pass which let them access the spa and the pools for the day.  I did not know that guest not staying at the resort could buy such a pass.  I believe she said it was $40, but don't hold me to that. 

After the steam room, we tried out the rainfall showers.  I actually chose the shower that had a cedar bench in it ( it was probably a handicap accessible shower) but it was nice to just sit in there with the waterfall coming down.

The women's locker room is equipped with hair dryers and other accessories to be able to do your hair afterwards, but we had a room at this same resort, so we were going to walk right back to our room after this. We could fix our hair later.

As we checked out back at the front desk, we got a special offer for 30% off any other service we wanted during the rest of our stay.  We enjoyed our time here so this offer was very tempting. We thought about coming back to do a massage but we already had the next couple of days booked.   This is how I know that there would have been times available during our stay.  I guess we will have to plan for 2 spa days next time we book our trip! 

After we went back to our room and freshened up, we headed next door to the Yacht Club and had a wonderful experience at Beaches and Cream.  You can read about that HERE.

Do you ever take advantage of the Spa at your resort?  -M


  1. How nice is that. I'm sure its a great sister experience too to just relax together

    1. It was such a great activity to do after walking in the park the day before!


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