Thursday, November 19, 2020

Gifts for the active dog owner


My gift guide last week proved to be successful and I had a few people text me to tell me they bought something off my guide or that I gave them some great ideas!  That gift guide was of course gifts that I wanted to GIVE.  This gift guide will be about gifts I'd like to receive and maybe you'll find something you like too, or get a good idea for a dog momma in your life.

Since Willow and I have been loving our hikes, I think it's time she carries her own stuff!  I'm loving This Dog Back Pack! If you know someone that goes on adventures with their dog, they will love this! There are a variety of ones out there but since they are basically a harness you will attach the leash to, you'll want to be sure to get a sturdy one, ( especially if you are getting it for a large dog, or one that pulls).  

Speaking of hiking, my sister and I think it might be time to get ourselves some hiking shoes!  I know nothing about hiking shoes, except they are not very attractive!  I'm not going to be hiking on terrain that is super challenging ( not on purpose anyway) so I don't think I need boots but I do want something that is going to give me a good grip.  I don't need anything super expensive either.  I found this brand TFO on Amazon. I've never heard of TFO before but the shoes got really good reviews for the price. What is your suggestion in a hiking shoe? What features should I look for?  Also, I size up in running shoes to a size 7 but these reviews say these run big so I'm thinking maybe a 6.5 ?  Do you size up in hiking shoes? 

Over the summer there was a mishap and Sybie's cute pink ball cap went missing. I think a certain someone owes her a new one for Christmas! I could not find an exact replacement ( since it was Baylee's hat), but I think this pink one is pretty cute. They even have matching hats for the owners.

I admit, after I found this, I spent so much time looking at all the cool hats for dogs! I need to get Willow a bucket hat! The problem is, most of them are made for small dogs!

One of my favorite websites for all things dogs is INKOPIOUS.  They have clothing that features almost every breed. My favorite collection is Zoe the Yellow Lab! I have several v-neck t-shirts already with her sketch on it ( Santa, Easter bunny, Patriotic), I'd love to get one for every holiday.

I think this long sleeve with Zoe with a knit cap on is perfect for winter.  Picture wearing it with some fleece lounge pants snuggling with your dog. ( You can choose to change the color of of the cap. I really like the pink, but I think blue is wintery, don't you).  I normally order a size Medium in the V-neck tees but I am uncertain about  the long sleeve. When I read the size chart, the medium looks like sleeves are super long!  Get this for your BFF who has a dog.  They'll Love it.

Oh, Also, INKOPIOUS doesn't have just holiday shirts ( and other products), you can also get the dogs dressed as Policemen, Fireman, Doctors, etc!

Every dog momma needs a pair of good slippers that they can wear outside, right?  These slippers are from Sketchers.  I love the fur on these and even though I'm not a cat person, aren't they super cute? 

I think these Sketchers are more me!  At the current time of this post, they are actually a Today's Special Value on QVC They are a steal at less than $30. 

Don't you just love the metallic ones?  They also come in Rose Gold.  These slippers actually come in shoe sizes, not jus S,M, or L. It's probably smart to go up a size.

Another of my favorites are gifts are from the National Canine Cancer Foundation. Think of it as a donation, but you get a really cool gift!  They have a variety of apparel  and accessories for dog parents and for pets. 

Every year they also have a commemorative ornament. Last year I got one of these beautiful pink paw stain glassed ornaments in memory of my Baylee. This year the ornament has this cute Santa hat on it, something my ornament did not have. 

What is your best dog momma gift? 


If you haven't seen my original gift guide post "Holiday Gifts they'll want more of" you can read that HERE! There are lots of goodies in that post!

                                                     Also, please check out my Gift Guide For Men! 


  1. I think I'd pick the fur-lined slippers! My feet are always cold, and I DO need to step outside frequently so my feet need warmth.

  2. I bought my hiking shoes so long ago (decades, yes, they've lasted that long, mainly because I don't hike as much as I'd like to), so I really don't have any advice! A good trail running shoe should be able to double as a hiking shoe, I would think, too.

    Yes, dog moms absolutely need good slippers to go outside in -- those are cute!

  3. I just bought some fleece lined slippers from Minnetonka! I love them. But I do like the ones you featured too. Fun gift list!

  4. OMG the dog baseball cap is too cute! I just got some Vionic slippers and love them. Yours are cute too

  5. sorry I'm a cat lady!!

    I definitely recommend hiking boots. They give you support for your ankles. I went to DSW and tried them all one and Merrell were the most comfortable.

    It depends on the brand. Some run bigger than others. I wear a 7 shoes and 8.5 running shoe. Both 8 or 8.5 hiking boots fit me. As with anything, the longer your hikes are, the more you feet swell. I also wear heavier socks when I hike.

    Enjoy. Hiking is the best esp during these times when we are not racing.

  6. Awww...that photo of you and your puppy is adorable! If only I still had a dog to buy presents for! Our Benji passed away this summer. Thanks for giving me my dog fix this morning!

  7. Those slippers!!! I'm a sucker for cute slippers
    I wonder what Ernie would do with that backpack.. I jsut see him running in circles to try & get it off - LOL

  8. I love that sweatshirt! So cute!

  9. ALL of these are precious ideas, but the cute little doggy hats are my fave!


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