Best Christmas Gifts for Men

As Healthy Living Bloggers,  We've both read and have written many post on great gifts for runners.  However, when you are the only runner on the holiday list, those posts aren't much help, amiright?

I feel I'm pretty good with buying for
the ladies on my list, but the men can sometimes be a struggle.  Over the years I feel I've done a little better with trying to find useful gifts that men ACTUALLY WANT. No ties or socks here!  Weather it be a husband, brother, boyfriend, dad or Grandad, perhaps they too will appreciate some of these items!

1. Tickets to an Event - One year I got Scott concert tickets and one year I got him tickets to see Impractical Jokers. Both were a huge hit that he still talks about!  Perhaps your guy would like season tickets to a local sporting event?

2. License or Registration -  No, No, not for a car! If the guy on your list has a hobby or something that he needs to get a license for (Like Fishing), renew it for him. You can get these at Sporting Goods stores and depending on where you go you may need your guys driver's license number or other personal identification (like birthday or SS#). Also, if you have a boat, kayak, or small water craft, those need registered every year too.

3. Subscription Boxes - Believe it or not guys like these too. You can find boxes that specify in different hobbies.

 I of course have done some fishing ones in the past. Since I would have no clue what type of fishing stuff to pick out I bought boxes from both Mystery Tackle and Lucky Tackle Box.  You can buy a subscription or just buy individual boxes. Look for promo and discount codes too!

4. Tech Gadgets - Every guy loves electronics and techy stuff.  No one can ever have enough USB adapters and charging cables. We live in a three story home and it's a pain when one of us needs a charger for our phone or ipad and we have to go up or down 2 flights of steps to get it. Be smart and buy one for each floor ( or room).

Also,  someone on your list NEEDS this charging adapter. This plugs into a normal outlet and it gives you space to plug in 3 items and charge 4 items with a USB port. Also it has a slide out on each side where you can set your phones while they charge!

5.  Gift Cards to their favorite Pizza Parlor or Sub Shop.  Who wouldn't want a free lunch or two?


6. If your guy is a fisherman, the HUK gear is pretty popular now, at least in my house it is. They are light weight clothes that have UPF sun protection.

7. I know my guy will love these sherpa lined crocs. They'll be so easy to just slip on to take out the trash, go get the mail, and to even let the dogs out, not to mention, will keep him warm!  They come in a variety of colors, not just camo. I think I'll get the navy! 

What is a great gift you've given the guy in your life?


  1. Oh that charger is everything! My husband is a fisherman--I wonder if they have a lure of the month club? Off to search. Thanks for the ideas!

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  3. Thank you for the wonderful tips. I love the charger. I know several guys on my list would love that. Great idea!

  4. We do have lots of chargers but that looks like a good one!

    A couple of years ago I said I'd pay for a cooking class -- Mr. Judy doesn't cook a lot but he'd been bemoaning the fact that we're close to the CIA but never took classes there.

    Still haven't, we did someplace more local.

  5. My husband is so tough to shop for. This year he's getting a toaster. Ha!

  6. I do think guys like subscription boxes too! Tech things are always great or my hubs too. Nice list

  7. My dad is kind of helpful since he loves to read. I end up getting him a book every Christmas. My grandfather was not helpful, and I felt very successful when I had an idea for him tihs year.

  8. these are great gift ideas. Why are men always the hardest to shop for?!

  9. Ooh, that charger! ::swoon::

    My dad gets handknitted hats and gourmet peanuts from me; I stumbled onto that combination several years ago and he loves it and looks forward to it, which is all I can ask for! My husband is more of a challenge, but usually I get him clothes that he won't buy for himself, and something fun (this year it's a pasta cookbook and a pasta dryer because he wants to start making pasta). I think this will be a winner - hopefully!

  10. Wow, I bet that charging adaptor is life changing! I think it's too late for me to ask for that for Christmas but perhaps after. I always want to charge my phone, Garmin, and wireless headphones at the same time but I can't!

  11. These are all great ideas! One I'm using for my husband is a renewal to his Pandora station. He loves listening add-free! :)

  12. Great list of gift ideas! And, I love Impractical Jokers! LOL!
    Tech gifts are pretty much always a hit I think, you just have to know what they have been itching for. :) Oh, and food or coffee gift cards are great ideas!

  13. Subscription boxes are a great idea! And there are so many different types now, it seems like there would be one for everyone's interests.


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