Holiday Top 9

 Lacey had a great time at the Surfin Santa 5 Miler earlier this month but I pretty much took this month off from running with the exception of last Friday. I enjoyed a glorious run last Friday to celebrate the start of Christmas break!  It was 65 degrees when I started my run and 68 by the time I finished! 

I don't feel
bad for not running this month because I got to use that time to enjoy other things. I thought I would share a few holiday highlights. We had so much fun this season that I had a hard time choosing just nine!

1.  The holiday started with a trip to NYC ! We usually see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular but this time the weather was way too warm to be stuck inside so we enjoyed touring the city and all the Christmas markets.

2. Our first Christmas party of the year with our girl and guy friends!  That night was also late night shoppers night in our community. We planned to do some shopping after dinner but it was a running joke among us girls that the town wasn't going to have the Christmas lights up in time (because they were originally not going to put them up at all). So I bought all the ladies in our group these light up Christmas light necklaces and they were a huge hit!

3. The following weekend we had our family Christmas party at my house. I love hosting this event each year!  We had some good food, games, watched the Steelers game (they won this year), and our gifts to everyone was a huge hit which is always nice

4. My mom and I went to the Baltimore Christmas Festival at the Inner Harbor. It is a German festival that wasn't as large as we thought but we enjoyed the day at the Harbor shopping, eating, and visiting the aquarium. 

5. Christmas Party #3.  Our host made the CUTEST treats!  Got to spend time with friends and family playing party games.

6. Christmas party #4.  This was a smaller party hosted at our home and we gave these adorable Santa Mums to our guests.  Too bad I didn't take any other pictures.

7. My first time at Candy Cane Lane.  My students have been telling me about Candy Cane Lane for several years now but because I don't live in that community I 've never went. Well this year we decided to check it out.  This is a lane in a housing development in which every house is lit up.  It reminded me a bit of the TV show "The Great Christmas Light Fight".  

8. Candlight Church Service is always a tradition with my family.  This year there were 3 Christmas services.  Afterwards we had dinner with my family and watched Christmas movies. 

9. Christmas day was fabulous as always. I mean look how happy that girl is in picture 9!  We spent the morning at our home, had a little Christmas breakfast and exchanged gifts with just our little family before heading to spend the day with the rest of my family. 

I know the holiday is not officially over yet since we have New Years around the corner and we will be going to other get- togethers but I am so grateful the the friends and family in our lives that have made this holiday season so fun

What are some of your holiday highlights?  -M


  1. Bayleeeeeee! Love that Christmas Day photo. I am sure you spoiled her. :) You sure were busy in December! I did not do a lot of Christmas related stuff in December but I did connect with a lot of friends, so that was good. Enjoy the rest of your break!!!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous holiday! Even Baylee got into it! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Glad your holidays were fun so far! Baylee looks like she had a blast!

  4. Wow! That is a whole lotta celebrating! Glad you enjoyed the season so well. And on to New Years!

  5. Your holidays sound wonderful, especially the parties! Glad you guys had a great one! :)

  6. Isn't Christmas time in NYC just gorgeous! I always love how a lot of the store fronts are always decorated as well.

    Thanks for sharing all your holiday fun moments with us!

  7. Looks like you've been enjoying the holidays! We went to Los Angeles to see my in-laws and many friends after some local holiday festivities. It was a great holiday season!

  8. What a fun-filled December! And I think you've got your Christmas card picture for next year already - that shot of Baylee is so cute!

  9. It looks like a fun December. I love celebrating as well. I did quite a bit. Many dinners out and a few parties. I am luck to have worked in NYC. It is spectacular at Christmas time.

    So what's up for NYE?

  10. The only thing better than candlelight services are candlelight services with family!
    Loved all the Christmas pics of Bailey. She always looks so happy!!!

  11. I really enjoy the holidays! I usually host Christmas dinner (since I have the most available space). The sis hosted Christmas Eve, and we had out annual family get-together (on my mom's side) a couple weeks ago at one of my cousin's houses.

  12. Looks like you have had some great holiday fun! Isn't Christine time in NYC the best?!

  13. Wow, that's a lot of Christmas! I went to one (work-related) party and Christmas Eve service, but otherwise mine was low-key -- but merry nonetheless!


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