Surf-N-Santa 5 Miler

This past weekend I ran the Surf n Santa 5 miler race. It is a holiday race that J and A Race series puts on in Virginia Beach. The last time I ran this race was  it was in the morning and the distance was TEN miles. I was looking forward to running it this year since it was a night race and you got to run along the boardwalk where all the lights are lit up.

Surf n santa Christmas race

The week while I was there was pretty cool,
but the day of the race was much warmer. It was in the 60s but rainy. Luckily the rain stopped during the race. When signing up for this race you had an option of a Santa suit or Santa shirt.

 I picked the shirt, but my friend picked the suit. We didn’t want to alter our outfits since it was a holiday race, so we knew it was going to be a warm race!

VA Beach  Christmas race Surf n Santa

When we started the race it was still daylight. When we got to the boardwalk it was still light outside and really foggy so the pictures I was trying to take didn’t turn out as well as I was hoping. The race itself went pretty quick while passing all the festive lights. There were also many spectators during this race since this day was Santa Con down at the ocean front. We were mid race and couldn’t wait to be finished. By this time we were sweating our butts off in those outfits we chose.

Christmas race VA Beach

Finally we were heading back towards the Convention Center. Unlike all the other races, this race finishes inside the Convention Center since it is usually much cooler during this time of year. We sprinted across the finish line like always and passed a few runners while doing this. In addition to our finisher’s medal we also received a pair of gloves. We enjoyed our celebratory beverage and soup that was offered while listening to the band. Then we took a few race finisher photos before heading out to dinner!

Surf n Santa  Christmas race

Even though we ran most of the race while it was still light out, it was still a fun race. While we were at dinner I received a finisher’s email and was surprised to see I received 3rd in my age group! I asked my friend if we should have stuck around for the awards. He told me that they do not have an awards ceremony but you will receive something in the mail. When he placed in the past he received a nice pewter coaster with your age place on the back of it. So I will be looking forward to that!

Did you run a holiday run this year? -L

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  1. Congrats on your AG award. You look so cute and that looks like such a fun race!

  2. Congrats on the AG place! This looks like a fun race. I have considered a trip to Virginia Beach in the past to run it, but never actually got around to registering. Maybe next year!

  3. Super cute race shirt option. Congrats on your speedy time and AG award

  4. Congrats , I did the St Nicholasville Ugly Sweater 5K and was 2nd in my age group...

  5. What a cute themed race and i loved your race outfit! Congrats on your AG award, you're so speedy!!

  6. I love that Santa shirt! So cute. Too bad the fog kind of diminished the effect of the holiday lights. Congrats on snagging an AG award!

  7. I love your race outfit! Totally worth sweating for.

  8. Congrats! I bet seeing all the lights was super fun.

  9. How fun that they changed it to a night race and you got to run through the lights!

  10. Good job! I love the Santa shirt ;-) I did a holiday-inspired 5K, and was fortunate to get 2nd in my AG. My rave day conditions were much wetter than yours, though LOL

  11. Congrats on the AG award! I admire your commitment to the holiday costumes, I definitely would have ditched them for something cooler.

  12. That looks like fun! COngrats on the age group awards


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