Should you ride TRON?

 Are you excited to go "off the grid" and ride Disney's newest coater in the Magic Kingdom? 

  Although I've rode all Disney's other coasters, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain,  Seven dwarves mine train, Rock n Roller coaster, and Expedition Everest, I am proclaiming that I am not a roller coaster person. I think my dislike has grown as I got older.  

I knew my sister ( who is a roller coaster lover) would want to ride the new Tron Light Cycle Run roller coaster and want me to ride with her.

We got in the virtual que right at 7 am and already we were boarding group 95! Our group wouldn't be called to get in line till after 4pm that afternoon.

When we reported back for our boarding time, the cast member had said they were having technical difficulties and that they would allow us to come back later that evening ( even after our boarding group time had passed).  So we headed to our dinner reservation and returned around 7pm.

When we returned, we were of course in line with all the other boarding groups so I believe we waited a little longer than normal. We waited over an hour.

I'm waiting in line with my sister, but I am still debating if this is something I want to ride. I keep passing on riding Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic rewind because I am afraid I'm going to get sick.  Lacey loves this ride, but every time she gets off she tells me "I'm so glad you didn't ride. you would have hated it. People getting off look motion sick".  And that definitely confirms that that isn't the ride for me. I am just as content taking a break in the Connections Eatery as I wait for her!

As we are in line for Tron, there are some Light Cycles off to the side that you can practice getting on. The family in front of us tried it and the sons said that being on the bike was very uncomfortable and that they did not like how they were "snapped" in.  I have to admit, this worried me a bit.  I did not get out of line to try the cycle, but how uncomfortable could it be? Surely I could do this for a few seconds, right?  I heard this ride was super short. The server at lunch today said it was only 30 seconds. I can be uncomfortable and scared for only 30 seconds!  But then, I heard a cast member tell someone that the ride was 75 seconds. Oh no, that's over a minute! 

As our que continues to move, I start to hear the ominous music and all the warnings. The announcement continues with reasons people should not ride this ride. Expecting mothers, people with neck pain, back pain, heart problems, etc.  I'm suddenly having second and third thoughts about riding this ride. I'm in good health, but what if there is something the doctor missed? I could be that one person that has a heart attack on this ride!  I guess I just pray!

Before getting in line for your cycle, you must put any belongings into a locker that you will open with your magic band ( or maybe park ticket).  The locker is two sided. When you come off the ride, you will be on the other side of that same locker wall and will be able to pick up your things on the other side.

As we were next in line to approach our light cycle, I see a lady to my left, that is riding in the last car all by herself. Her car is not a cycle. She does not have to bend over like she is riding a motorcycle. she does not need to be snapped in with the plastic piece on her back.  I very quickly ask her if I can ride with her and she says yes!

I am now riding Tron light cycle and I did not have to be on a cycle. I think I lucked out here.  Tron is noted as being the fastest ride at Disney. It is in the dark with the exception of one loop outside. If you ride as it is getting dark out, the lights come on in the dome and it is pretty cool.  

Tron is a very smooth ride and yeas there are lots of drops and twists and turns. I realized that maybe I did make a mistake getting into the "car".  Although I felt safer in the car, it may have been more comfortable taking all those twists and turns being hunched over on a cycle, it would have made me more "aerodynamic". 

Okay, so from someone who doesn't like roller coasters, I would say that I didn't hate this. I would actually be willing to ride it again and try it on a cycle this time.  However, I would not want to wait over an hour. 

And as far as those "cars", they are usually the last car on every other cycle/coaster.  They are made for the handicap and for people who do not fit comfortably on the cycle ( or for anyone who wants more of a traditional coaster experience).  I did like that this was an option for people.  Just ask a cast member if you would like to ride in a car instead of a cycle.

Are you looking forward to riding Tron? Is there a ride that you are ( or were) hesitant to ride? -M

This was just my personal experience riding Tron. Hopefully you will be able to take this information and make an informed decision for yourself.  

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