Yachtsman Steak House at Disney's Yacht Club - Dining Review

If  you are looking for an upscale meal away from the crowds and parks, I suggest Yachtsman Steakhouse at Disney's Yacht Club Resort. 

Yachtsman Steakhouse is only open for dinner. We had advanced dinning reservations for this meal and we were seated shortly after we checked in.

As we entered there was a showcase of the different cuts of steaks that were being offered.  This was helpful to see how large each cut would be before ordering it.  The cuts were displayed raw, so if looking a raw meat is a turn off, then I would suggest not stopping to look on your left on the way in! 

We started with the complimentary bread basket with roasted garlic and butter which was very tasty. I thought it was unique that they served it with a bulb of garlic to spread on the bread. 

When the waited came back we had ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir and our appetizer. 

I had a bowl of the Lobster Bisque with a Cheddar Bay crouton. It was very tasty.

For the meal we both ordered the 8 ounce filet mignon with a choice of sauce or butter. We selected the Blue cheese shallot butter and the Brandy peppercorn sauce, neither were anything special. 

The steaks also came with one side. At the time, our choices were mashed potatoes, french fries, or potato leek gratin. We both chose the potato leek gratin which was similar to scalloped potatoes, but these were less creamy and cheesy.  I probably would order mashed potatoes next time. 

When our meals came out, the potato leek gratin came out in its own dish, and the steak on its own plate.  The server had mad the comment that the potato dish was very hot, so not to touch the dish.  When he walked away, we both cut open our steaks and saw that they were indeed cooked to our preference ( one medium well and one medium).  However, after we tasted it, we looked at each other and asked how it was. They both tasted okay but they were not hot, only luke warm at best. For the amount of money we were spending on this meal, we decided that we should really have a hot steak. After all, when we order from Ruth's Chris, the steaks always come out sizzling! 

I suspected that since the potato dishes were super hot, that the steaks were probably sitting out ( maybe under a heat lamp) waiting to be served. 

I waved down the server, and politely let him know that our steaks were not hot. I also told him that there was no need to prepare new steaks, just asked if they could heat them up.  The server said it wasn't a problem.  

Surprisingly, the hot steaks came back within minutes and we continued to enjoy our meal.

We opted not to get dessert because the bread, steak, and sides, were filling enough.

The atmosphere here is very nautical as you would expect. A lot of wood and craftsman style decor. Unlike our previous meal at Mama Melrose, this restaurant had very good lighting. It's always a plus to have enough light to read the menu!

Yachtsman Steakhouse is a signature restaurant that specializes in steaks ( all in the $50 range).  In addition, they do offer a seafood meal, a chicken meal, a porkchop meal, and a vegetarian meal as well as a kid's menu. 

I will mention that there is also a dress code at this restaurant, which basically means no cut off shorts or swim attire. 

What is your favorite signature restaurant at Disney or your favorite Steakhouse anywhere? Do you like Ruth's Chris or Morton's?  -L

This was just my experience of this restaurant and all menu items and prices were accurate at the time of this posting. We were not on the dining plan for this meal.


  1. We ate at Yachtsman one time - but it was the night before I ran the full and I was nervous as can be, so I don't remember much of it! I think it definitely deserves a re-do! It all sounds so delicious!


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