Mickey Cake Pop Maker Tips


The other week I shared on my Instagram story a good deal on a Mickey Mouse Cake Pop maker. 
You can pick one up HERE for less than $15.

  I have never made cake pops before so I didn't know what to expect.  When searching online, I could only find tutorials on how to make cake pops by rolling pieces of cake that had already been baked.  Here is how I made cake pops and some helpful tips.

I lightly sprayed it with cooking spray before beginning. 

I used a standard yellow cake mix from a box.  The cake pop maker came with a pastry bag and a tip to squeeze the cake batter into the Mickey head molds. I did use this for a bit but it became messy because it was hard to control the amount of batter that would come out. Also, I later found out something was blocking the tip.  I found it much easier ( cleaner) for me to just use a measuring cup with a spout. 

The directions tell you to be super careful and to not let the batter drip over the Mickey head molds, but I found this not to be that big if a deal if you did. In fact I found that it was better to fill the mold as full as possible.

I let them cook for 3 minutes ( I used a timer) and then pulled them out with a rubber utensil. Do not use anything metal or that could scratch the surface. 

If you did have batter that spilled out over the edge, it was actually easier to lift all the cake pops off the griddle at one time. 

Then you can easily break apart the excess on the edges or just cut it away with a small paring knife, 

Unless you are making these for a party, one box of cake mix will make more cake pops than you probably need. I made about 2 dozen and still had plenty of batter left over.  Put the the Mickey heads in the fridge and let them harden up a bit. This is going to make it easier to dip them in the frosting.   Now, I must say that these cake pops are not very dense. They are almost like pancake pops, that is why it was important to put as much batter in the mold as you could.  

After the Mickey heads are firm, put the lollipop stick in. This cake pop maker actually came with a pack of  sticks and that is what I used. 

When it was time to frost them, I used cake frosting from a can.  I put the container in the microwave to liquify it. ( If you are using canned frosting, make sure you have every little piece of the foil seal off of the top before you put it in the microwave)

This is where you want to make sure your Mickey head is firm and your frosting is very liquified. This makes it easier to swirl the Mickey head around and get it all coated with frosting.   If you dip your Mickey head into frosting that  that is starting to get thick, you risk breaking one of the Mickey ears off.  It doesn't take very long for the icing to start thickening up. You may have to microwave it several times while you are dipping the Mickey heads. 

If you want to decorate the pops after you frost them, decorate each one individually after it comes out of the frosting. This way the decorations will stick better on the pop since it is still sticky from the frosting. 

The directions said to lay the finished pops on wax paper to let dry completely.  When I do this again, I am not going to use the wax paper, I am just going to lay them on a tray because when I picked them up after they dried, I had a hard time getting the wax paper off some of the pops. 

My final thoughts:  
These pops are not like the home made ones I've seen on Pinterest where you roll a ball of cake ( almost like a truffle) and then use two chocolate discs for ears.  Those cake pops seem to be a bit heavier.
These pops are small and very light, but that's okay because you don't feel guilty eating one.

I like that the process was fairly quick and easy. I didn't have to bake a cake first, all I had to do was pour in the batter.  I also like that the maker already came with sticks. 

I think getting the cake pop maker was worth it ( especially at that price).  With a little practice, I think I could make these a nice treat for a picnic, party, or just a fancy treat for the next holiday!

Have you ever made Cake Pops? -M


  1. How fun! I need that Mickey cake pop maker.

  2. Oh my gosh - these are so much easier than making cake & crumbling it & forming balls - I like you just pour the batter in these!!!!


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