Try these Lays from House of Good Fortune in Epcot's China Pavilion


China Pavilion Epcot Chinese Lays Chips

Tucked in the back of the China pavilion in Epcot is the gift shop, House of Good Fortune.

In the gift shop you will find the standard souvenirs from that country, decor, clothes, toys, and pre-packaged  food. 

There was one thing in particular we were looking for, it was the Chinese version of the Lay's potato chips. I knew that they had them in some unique flavors and was looking forward to trying them.

The display of Lays was located near the back of the store. These were some of the choices we had,
Chestnut, Italian Red Meat Flavor, Roasted Chicken Wing, and Numb and Spicy Hot Pot.

There was also Grilled Squid, Cherry Blossom, Cucumber, and Fried Crab.  Although we would have liked to tried them all, we narrowed it down to only buying 3 bags. How do we choose? 

Well, although I wanted to be adventurous, I really didn't want to try the grilled squid. I've never had  squid to begin with so I didn't think I wanted to try it in a potato chip. I didn't even know what Numb and Spicy Hot Pot was, so I checked that off the list. 

My first instinct was to get the Fried Crab one. Being from the East Coast, we love our Old Bay and Chesapeake flavored foods. I've had the Chesapeak Lays and Crab flavored chips before and really enjoy them.  However, the goal was to pick a flavor we'd never had. 

These are the ones we decides on, Chestnut, Cucumber, and Cherry Blossom.

We took our bags of chips and sat out at the tables in the court yard and did a taste test.  We actually recorded it for Instagram so if you want to watch our honest to goodness first reactions, you can watch that video HERE.  ( I believe you have to have an Instagram account to be able to view it).

So this is what we  thought of these flavors:

We determined that the Chestnut ones tasted like Maple Syrup yet had a nutty undertone. We actually did like these. They were unique.

The Cherry Blossom ones we were told were actually a Rice Vinegar flavor.  I was expecting something sweet but these had sort of a "perfumy" flavor. It was hard to describe but it wasn't bad. I could definitely taste a hint of vinegar similar to salt and vinegar chips. These chips had little pink specks on them . 

The Cucumber ones were probably my favorite. They tasted like a creamy cucumber salad.  They had little green specks on them.

 The cast member told us that if we did not like any of the chips, we could return them. We actually ended up liking all of these enough to keep them.  We snacked on them for the duration of our trip. 

Which flavors would you have picked?  Should we taste test more chips when we go back to the China pavilion or should we test another food?  -M


  1. I was going to say - I would think I'd like the Cucumber the best too... I love a cucumber dip that is local around her - so it would feel like a combo of that ;)

  2. This is fun. I spent some time last trip looking at all the flavors but I wasn't brave enough to try any of them lol!

  3. Just from the title, I was thinking that the cherry blossom would have been my favorite.....BUT, from your description after you tried them I think I would not have chosen them as a favorite! Thanks for sharing!


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