A Peek in our Week

Hey Guys, Lacey was pretty busy with work this past week so I don't really have much of a peek into what she had done. I know that she flew into Milwaukee for one of the trips and she also spent some time in Columbia, SC where she got to meet up with one of our friends.
I'll keep what I did pretty brief this week too.

Remember I said last week I was working on a landscaping project with my parents? well this week I did a lot of the same.

Monday /22: I got Scott to run/walk with me on my favorite trail on the Island.

Tuesday/23: I  ran 4 miles this day. This was a very proud 4 miles! This was the longest distance I had been able to run PAIN FREE since my injury.  ( I did do the 11K April Fools race back in April, but it certainly was not pain free!)  I was also trying a  new pair of shoes that I got from a running seminar last Friday. I wasn't loving them and I could tell I was starting to get blisters on the top of my toes. I was going to give them another chance on another run, but decided against it. I figured 4 miles was long enough to know if I loved them or not. Besides, I didn't want to get them too dirty. I promptly returned them to the running store the next day.

Wednesday and Thursday I did nothing eventful.

Friday/27: I was going to do another 4 miles today but remembered I was going to mow the lawn when I got home ( and still had to do the neighbors lawn as well since they were out of town). I didn't want to be as exhausted as I was last week, so I only did 3.1.  I was still exhausted when I got done with the lawn.
Our town started the 4th of July festivities this weekend so we went to watch the fireworks this night!

Saturday/28: I went to the town's fourth of July parade to take pictures for my job. It was fun seeing all the war veterans go by in the cars and I got to see my own Pappy!  I was also required to go to a birthday celebration for a lady in town that was turning 100 years old! How amazing it was to meet someone that is 100!

Scott got a new Garmin last week, so we are hoping to go for a little trail run/walk when it cools down tonight!

The BEST thing that happened this week was that I got THIS......................

Yes, it is a planner. If you follow me on twitter you may have heard me mention that I was on the look for one. I've been looking for one for over a month and couldn't find one anywhere.  I figured  the years was half way over anyway, so I probably wouldn't have much luck unless I bought one of the Franklin Covey's with the refillable pages.

But check this out, this planner even starts out with the month of JULY and runs till next June. I guess it's an academic planner.  Everyone always asks me why I don't just use my phone for reminders.  I'm a old fashion pen and paper gal! I have so many dates and deadlines I have to remember that this is just easier for me to keep track of. I've already started to write things down and my brain feels so much happier!

And one thing I am looking forward to this week is my ortho appointment. YAY, finally. I made this appointment over 2 months ago and I thought July 2 would never get here!  I've never been so excited to go to a doctor appointment before!
Well, I guess this post wasn't very brief after all.  ~M

Tell me, what was the best thing that happened to you last week?
How do you keep track of important dates and deadlines?
Do you think I'm silly to get excited over something so simple?...haha


  1. I also use a paper planner and I splurged on the Erin Condren planner earlier this year. I love it and it has kept me on track!

  2. I'm happy to hear you had a pain free run! Hopefully it stays that way!

  3. I use a paper date book that fits in my purse. I also have a larger planner to track my workouts. I'm with you. Writing things down on paper is helpful.

  4. I have the same exact planner! Good luck at the ortho!

  5. Looks like you had a great week! Happy to hear you are running pain free! YAY!!!!
    I loooooooove planners! I can't put stuff in my iPhone... I need to see it on paper!!! :)

  6. Yay for a pain free 4 miles! And the stuff for your work on Saturday sounds like fun. I've been keeping track of dates and deadlines with google calendar mostly so Mike I can share it and we have both our stuff listed in one place.

  7. Good luck at your Ortho appt! I am glad to hear you are running pain free!!

  8. I also use a planner every year. I don't have a lot of dates to worry about, but I write stuff in the planner all the time. Doctor appointments, vacations and book release dates for series I keep up with.

  9. I'm a paper planner girl too! And so glad you had a glorious pain-free run! -C

  10. I love having a paper planner! My boss calls me old fashioned, but I miss things in my outlook computer calendar all the time. :/

  11. You need to check out Erin Condren for a planner....LOVE mine! Best one I've ever had!

  12. YAY for a pain free four miles! That's great! I wish I could stick to a paper/pen planner. I love them, fews things are better than a pack of new pens and a note book... but I always stop using them after a few days :(

  13. I love writing stuff down! I keep everything in my phone/computer calendar, too, but I really enjoy having a planner and writing things down with a pen. Maybe I just like the satisfaction of writing it down and then checking it off when it's complete? Who knows why, but we certainly aren't the only ones :) So glad you were able to run 4 miles pain free – that's excellent news! I hope it stays that way for you!


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