Let's do this Fitness Trail at Seven Springs Resort!

Last week/weekend Scott had a work engagement at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort and he invited me to go along.

Because this was considered a work trip, I was on my own for one of the mornings/afternoons. I didn't mind though because there were lots of activities to do. The day we checked in, I found a Fitness Trail and was eager to check it out.

When I go on trips I always pack snacks and usually pack granola bars, snack bars, yogurt pouches, etc. But this time I had forgot. I did think I needed to get something for breakfast before I headed out on the trail though.
 I remembered seeing the cutest little bakery when we were exploring the resort the day before so I headed down there to see if I could get a muffin or something.  Turns out the bakery was not open, nor was the coffee shop, nor any of the shops. The only thing open was the fancier of the restaurants. I knew I had to eat something so that was my only option.

Yup, just a table for one. I don't think I actually ever ate at a sit down restaurant by myself before, a fast food place yes, but not a restaurant like this.

It was a breakfast buffet but I knew there was no way I was in the mood for a buffet meal so I just ordered al la cart off the menu.After an in depth discussion on how the potatoes were prepared, I settled on the breakfast potatoes, fruit, and a hazelnut hot chocolate.  ( Scott calls me Meg Ryan ( from When Harry met Sally) because I always ask questions about the food.


                           This was my view at breakfast. This place is a ski resort during the winter.

                                                     After breakfast it was trail time.

This wasn't what I expected but it was actually fun. I've never spent this much time in the woods alone before but I figured it was safe since it was a marked trail and it was at a resort.

Every few feet there was a sign that asked you to do a certain exercise. These signs continued up the mountain and it was a pretty steep mountain. I guess they don't call it a mountain resort for nothing.

Because of the uneven terrain, there were some activities that I didn't feel comfortable doing.

 My Pink Altra's were not the best shoes to be wearing on this trail but I didn't know about this trail when I packed my outfits and all I was thinking about was matching my shoes to my clothes ( typical girl). In retrospect I should have brought my Purple Altra's that were meant for the trail

                      (This shoe picture was actually an accident, but it works with my post anyway..lol)

I had to pass on this activity as well. There was no way I was putting my hands on this rock!

Once at the top of the mountain there was some equipment to do the exercises on.

Because my upper body strength is lacking, the hand walk was challenging for me ( I plan on working on that this summer though)
Of course I liked the balance beam. I was tempted to try a flip or jump from my gymnastic days but then I remembered I wasn't 16 anymore!

After a few more activities there was a clearing in the woods and I came upon this contraption.

I was relieved to find out this wasn't a part of the fitness trail. This was some sort of team building activity ( at least that is what the sign said). 

Then I was back in the woods for a little bit for more activities.
For the High Jump I was able to reach the first blue rung on the second set of blue ones. Considering I'm only 5 foot 2 and currently have a bum leg and a sore hip, I didn't think that was so bad!
And I just had to take a picture of these mushrooms because I don't think I have ever seen mushrooms like this in real life. I thought they only existed in story books!
Also while I was at the top of the mountain I came across one of the places where they perform weddings at the resort. I had seen this location on the resort television the night before but I had no idea it was on the top of this mountain.
Of course it looked better when I saw it on the resort tv because it was decorated for a wedding.  I guess it could be a nice place though if you like the outdoorsy rustic kind of look.
Okay, so I made it through all the activities at the top of the mountain. Even though I didn't post pictures of all of them, there were 22 stations in all.  I was looking for a sign or something that directed me back down the mountain. There was none. So I just turned around and walked back down.
This was actually a challenge and I can tell you I was a bit nervous. The mountain was steep and it was harder to go down it than it was to hike up it. Again I wish I would have had my purple trail Altras on and not the pink ones that have virtually no traction.  I almost slipped twice but I caught myself.
I don't think either of these pictures really shows just how steep and uneven the terrain was, but I'm sure you get the idea. I was closer to the bottom half of this trail than I was to the top half when I took the picture. This was just the first part before it started curving and I couldn't get a good picture.
I didn't even bother starting my Garmin when I got to the trail that morning because after one look at it I knew I wouldn't be running it but when I got myself back to the bottom of the trail I wish I would have started it just to see how far it was. So what did I do? I started my Garmin and did the whole trail over again. This time I did not stop to do any of the activities and when I reached the top of the mountain where it was flat, I ran where I could and then walked cautiously back down the mountain.  I was a little disappointed that it was just shy of a mile. But, I did it twice so I did get almost a 2 mile walk in ( with a bit of a run at the top of the mountain) and definitely got a lot of stretching and cardio activities in as well. Not a bad way to spend the morning.  I spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool relaxing.
So tell me, have you ever done a fitness trail like this one before?
Do you have different running shoes for different terrain?


  1. Wow, it looks like a gorgeous resort! And the trail sounds challenging. I love that you did it again with the garmin to see how far it was :) The town I grew up in had a fitness trail similar to this in their city park but it was nowhere near as pretty.

    1. It was beautiful and peaceful! Yes, If I make the effort to do something, I want to see what I accomplished so the Garmin is a must...haha!

  2. That looks like so much fun. I tried to find the nature trail in Oregon but it was across the fairway and I was almost hit by a golfball when I was standing next to the hotel.

    I also have Sally Albright moments. I'm very picky about my food and want to make sure I'll eat it. "I just want it the way I want it."

    1. Good thing the golf ball missed you. As I was at one of the stations on the trail, a tree limb fell down right in front of me. I'm glad I wasn't standing a few feet a head!

  3. Looks fun! I'd much rather run on a trail like rather than staying inside and running on a treadmill.

  4. Very cool idea to write a post about! Paul and I almost went to 7 Springs last summer but ended up not having time. I have done similar fitness trails but it seems like whenever I find one it is dilapidated and you can't do all the stations because the wood is rotting or something! I have road shoes and trail shoes.

    1. That stinks that those fitness trails are run down. I think if communities took the time to refurbish them they would see how much use they can be. We have a few in town ones but they are not through the woods, just along the park.

  5. OK... I want to photograph a wedding there!!!!
    I LOVE those fitness signs to help along the way... What a cool little interval training.
    Ahh - that moss on the rock would be so cool & squishy :)
    Those mushrooms!! Little fairies were around, I'm sure :)

    1. I didn't want to get my hands on that rock..haha. Yes, the weddings there would be beautiful I'm sure!

  6. That looked like a really fun fitness trail. I have done one of these only once, but prefer just regular running and exercising. The mushroom you saw had the most unusual colors....I have never seen that type.

    1. There were a lot of different activities at the resort but no real place I could find to go for a good run. The resort was on a very steep hill and there were no other paths really to run on. Just roads up hill that seemed kind of dangerous.

  7. That trail looks awesome! I love that you did it twice too.
    Ok, that Gingerbread Dreams restaurant is the cutest thing I've ever seen!! Too bad it was closed.
    I do have a couple pairs of trail shoes. I made the mistake of wearing running shoes on a trail once and lost a toenail because of it!

    1. I went back to that Gingerbread house 3 times and it was closed! I found out it opened a little after 2pm but by then I had lost my craving.
      If I go back I will definitely have to bring different shoes!

  8. Sounds like a fun way to start your morning. I've never done a fitness/activity trail before; just the regular trails – seems like fun, but would take a lot of effort. I don't think I've ever eaten at a sit down restaurant before on my own, either. How did you like it? I would think it would be relaxing, but I fear I would just be anxious sitting by myself (unless I had a book to read or something). I use a trail shoe when I go running on trails. They offer me more stability and have better traction.

    1. The food was good at the restaurant. I was keeping myself busy by reading blogs on my phone till it came out. Every time the waitress came by to see how things were, I was reading. I hope she didn't think that was rude!

  9. That little bakery looks so cute and the resort looks amazing!

  10. This is so awesome! Can you ship this park over? LOL! Imagine though :D
    I guess great minds do think alike <3 xoxo

  11. Love this, what a great place to get out and explore, looks like it is a beautiful place:)
    Because I travel alone a lot, I remember the first time I ate at a sit down restaurant alone. At first it was awkward, but after a few times I got the hang of it, and got used to bringing a book while I waited for my meal. Well that and I either tried to go earlier for meals so I was just there with all the old grandpa and grandma senior people who were eating alone and I fit in, LOL
    I've done a few trail marathons, but (and this is going to sound nuts) but I have never done a fun fitness training trail run (unless you count hiking) before. Yup, all my trail marathon's were sort of by accident, (long funny story, LOL)
    But what a great weekend it looks like you guys had, and so nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

  12. That actually looks like a fun way to exercise with a lovely view of nature.

  13. My running path near my house is on trails, so I probably could benefit from some trail shoes, but I can't see the point. The regular runners are fine.
    I know eating in restaurants alone seems odd when you're doing it, but tons of people travel for business and eat alone. I've done it. I even went on a solo trip to London and ate by myself for a week. I usually just browsed my travel guide. The good thing is there's no discussion about who picks up the bill!

  14. that sounds like an amazing trail but I am not sure I would be able to walk the trail and do the exercises too... Probably wouldn't even get through the trail...
    I enjoy eating alone in a nice restaurant and do it often or did it often before I got married.

  15. That is AWESOME!! I'm so jealous and want to go there, NOW. I have never seen a trail like that, it's brilliant! Glad you had a great time!!

  16. Love your pearl earrings and necklace :0)

    That resort and trail look stunning and so much fun! What a creative idea to do an obstacle trail for the guests!