Lets Celebrate Runnng Day and Our Scavenger Hunt Winners

Hello everyone!

Today is a great day. It is not only National Run day but it is also my birthday. What better way to celebrate than to give out some prizes to those who participated in the Scavenger Hunt.

But first, to celebrate National Running Day here are a few discounts. If you are considering one of the Rock n Roll Series Races, you 'll want to go HERE NOW. They are having a 24 hour sale on their race series. Some of them are up to 25% off!  Go sign up so you can run RnR Vegas with us in the Fall! 
You can also join in on the Virtual Runs that are going on today. Register HERE to do a virtual run on your own or to find a city that will be hosting one. If you plan on running today anyway, you might as well sign up.  It's free and you get some fun stuff! Don't forget to submit your proof of time for your chance to win a Running Day Prize pack. 

Don't forget we have the Bondi Band giveaway going on till the end o the week.
Also, use the code SWEATPINK to get 10% off your Bondi Band purchase on their website.

If you are planning on buying two or more pair of compression socks or sleeves from Pro Compression, use code JUNE to get 50% off your order ( of two or more). So basically it's like getting one pair free. Hmm, now might be a good time to stock up on Holiday gifts, maybe? 

Okay, now what most of you have probably been waiting for.

Next, we want to give a HUGE "Thank You" to all of you who participate in the hunt.  We really enjoyed the interaction with you through Facebook and Twitter and we got to meet some new runners/walkers!  We enjoyed seeing all the pictures that would come through our newsfeeds each day. We want to share some of the pictures you sent in to us. Some of them literally made us LOL!  

The Animal crossing signs proved to be difficult for some people to find because we did get a lot of "School Crossing" signs but those who did find animal crossing signs really made us laugh. Here are a few.

                                  Kristy W must have been running some place cold to get this sign.

Kelsey found this Firefly crossing sign while running near Boston.
Who knew we had to take caution for Butterfly crossing? This picture was submitted by Gloria D.
I would love to stop and watch miniature ponies cross the road! This was submitted by Gabby. L.
Most Unique Roadkill
This is an Armadillo found by Karen S. If you've never seen one of these before, now you have!
Mara just couldn't bring herself to take a picture of a dead animal, so she submitted this one instead.
Disney Lawn Ornaments seemed to be a challenge for most people, but here a few that our readers submitted. I think I may need to get a few of these!
      We've never seen one like this before and thought it was cute. It was found by Stacey!

This person happened to come across a Frozen themed birthday party. Nothing better than a live Disney Character on the lawn...lol  By Jessica S

Having been a Disney Bride, I have a thing for Cinderella Carriages. These were found by Brooke H and I'm thinking I need to get some of these!
A Great Mickey Lawn Ornament by Karen. S

The Best Yellow Labrador/Golden Retriever pictures that were submitted..........

                                  I was told this really IS a retriever!  That poor dog! Submitted by Heather H

                                       Lois Found these Retrievers at the Magic Kingdom....Ahhhhh
Some of the prettiest pictures where your Outdoor clock Pictures.
Of course this is the best outdoor clock in the world. Thanks Lois!

A Word Associated with Running.
I know I posted this earlier, but this has got to be my favorite picture from the hunt.

Karen O ran at a steady pace through the cemetery to get this picture of a word associated with running.
Ok, so I hope everyone had fun with that. We had 10 items to give away to 10 winners. So here goes:
Sweatyband Gift- Lois K
Hippie Runner Gift- Gabby L
Wild Planet Gift Pack- Heather H
Pro Compression Gift- Brooke H
Medi Dyne Prize Pack 1- Erika W
Medi Dyne Prize Pack 2- Jocelyne N
Medi Dyne Prize Pack 3- Katherine K
Island Boost Prize Pack- Renee Saults
Active Accessories Prize 1- Ann Seibert
Active Accessories Prize 2- Gloria Dowling
A HUGE THANK YOU to the folks who helped to sponsor this Scavenger hunt by giving out such awesome prizes! If you are one of the winners, would you please give a shout out to whomever your prize is coming from and let them know that you won it through our Scavenger hunt?  Thanks.
Winners, please contact us with your mailing address by either Messaging us on FB or sending an e-mail to Fairytalesandfitness at gmail dot com.
*As noted previously, prizes will only be shipped to U.S addresses.
I hope you all had a good time with this and I hope this is something we can do again next summer and maybe even have more prizes to giveaway.  If you feel you wan to continue to hunt for things, you should join the Scavenger Hunt that #RunChat is doing!
How will you be celebrating National Run Day?: I'll be running and then having a birthday cupcake!
Thanks Again!  M and L   
P.S Sorry our post was so long today.


  1. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great day! :0) Love the pictures...Karen's picture of the gravestone is too funny!

    1. Thank you Karen! Yes, Karen O's pictures was easily our favorite. So out of the ordinary but so appropriate!

  2. Yeah!!!!!! So glad to know you all loved my pic, it was my favorite. I had a great time with the hunt, can't wait to do it again. A big shout out to Active Accessories for my prize pack ... woo hoo!!!!

    1. We are so glad that you played along and glad that you had fun. I do hope that we get to do it again!

  3. I thought the outdoor clock pictures were pretty too! Good choice to include on the list. Thanks for hosting a fun contest!

    1. Yes, some of those clock pictures looked like Artwork!

  4. OH MY GOSH... those scavenger hunt pictures are AMAZING!!!! I want to run into a Frozen party!!!!
    My favorite - the 'cat' under the car wheel - haha!!!
    I would totally win if it came to road kill... about all I woulda had on my country road :)

    Off to join in the virtual run today! :) thanks for the heads up!

  5. Happy Birthday and enjoy the cupcake! The scavenger hunt was fun- these ladies are super creative! Runners club tonight- perfect timing for National Running Day!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, darling!!!! <3

  7. Such fun pictures! I don't know how I missed the original post about there being a scavenger hunt. Will have to keep my eyes peeled for the next one. ;)

  8. Happy birthday! Thanks for the scavenger hunt. And happy national running day!

  9. Happy birthday! Living in Texas, I have seen both roadkill armadillos and live armadillos. If I see live armadillos by the road, I slow waaaay down so I don't scare them.

  10. Happy birthday!! Have a great day! Congratulations to all the winners! I loved seeing all the photos!

  11. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have an amazing day! :0) I LOVE all the scavenger hunt pictures. So fun!

  12. Happy Birthday!!! And Happy National Running Day! What a great two-in-one :)

  13. Happy Birthday, and Happy National Running Day! Two great things to celebrate today! :)

    Kudos to everybody who participated in the scavenger hunt. Everybody found some great pictures!

  14. Thank you so much for hosting such a fun scavenger hunt! I am so excited to be the winner of the Wild Planet prize pack!!

    I felt bad for the poor puppy painted like a tiger too but couldn't resist the photo opportunity :)

  15. It's my baby's birthday, too! Happy birthday! I didn't get off my rear in time to join in on this scavenger hunt but it's a great idea!

  16. Happiest of Birthdays! I loved all the pics of the Scavenger Hunt!!

  17. Happy Birthday! I celebrated National Running Day with a nice 3 mile run after work. Hope you had a great day!

  18. Happy Happy birthday:) I had a lot of fun in your scavenger hunt, thanks again for hosting this!

  19. Happy birthday! Nice pictures. I have a "Bear crossing" one in my backyard because... well because we have bears! :-)

  20. Omg....so many of those pictures made me laugh! Especially the animal crossing ones....LOL.

  21. Happy Birthday!!!!!! I hope you enjoyed today!!!!
    You girls rock for putting together a super duper scavenger hunt and prizes!!!!
    I'm actually doing my first giveaway on the blog - I can't believe it!!!!!