FROZEN comes to Disney's Hollywood Studios

Our next trip to Disney isn't until October when we go for TOT weekend, but I sort of wish we were going this summer to because the characters from Frozen will now be in Hollywood studios!
The event is called "Frozen Summer Fun: Live at Disney's Hollywood Studios". It starts July 5th and runs through September 1st!
With regular park admission guest can experience a wide range of "Frozen' entertainment.
Such things would include:
A visit from Olaf, and Olaf themed merchandise
Elsa and Anna arriving at HS in their sleigh during the 11 am parade
( I think this would beat waiting in those awfully long lines to see Elsa and Anna in the Magic Kingdom)
A "Frozen" sing along celebration in the Premier Theater ( this sounds like fun)
Sound Stage One will be turned into a Frozen wonderland with lots of winter time activities and Frozen inspired food and beverages ( Ice skating anyone?)
The "coolest" Dance party around every evening at 5pm
Ending the night with a Frozen Spectacular Fireworks display

This sounds like great Summer fun but I wish they would keep this event running through the winter season. it might be a fun way to get into the winter/holiday spirit don't you think?

Will you be heading to Disney during this time?


  1. Oh I do think it would be a great event! Thanks to my nieces I love this movie as much as them:) Too bad Disneyworld isn't in my future for this year:( However, I may be going to Disneyland in September I just haven't decided yet, my whole family is thinking of going and half have already purchased their tickets, I really don't know what I am waiting for, LOL.

  2. We just got back from disneyland (California native here) and I did stand in line for 2 hours to see Elsa and Anna. It was worth every second to see the look on my daughters face! Plus we had great weather so the wait wasn't so bad. They were very sweet and I also love the signatures they did in her autograph book.

  3. How fun and exciting!!! My little one would LOVE it!! I wish the Disneyland here in Tokyo was doing a Frozen promotion. Hopefully, Tokyo Disneyland will have Frozen merchandise.

  4. That does look pretty awesome
    Bummed to not get to see it in person.

  5. I'm sure the event will be awesome, but we won't be there until TOT weekend either!

  6. Elsa's wig has GOTTTAAAAA be fixed. mercy. Disney can do better then that.

    1. I AGREE!!! Seriously, her hair doesn't look like the movie hair at all!

  7. Love this idea! Stinks I won't get to see it Disney trip is November!