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Tucked away in the back of the Italy Pavilion in Epcot is a Wine Cellar called Tutto Gusto.
Many people don't even know this is here, and those that do spot it might think it is just a secondary door to Tutto Italia, Italy's main table service restaurant.   
The entrance to Tutto Gusto is just off to the right of Tutto Italia.

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Come on in and check it out with us!


Just as you would expect, it does have a cellar or even a cave like vibe.  This is a great place to take a break from the Florida sun. It definitely stays cool in here, but not so cold that you need to have a sweater ready! You do not need an advanced dining reservation here, however, you do need to check in at the hostess stand.  Upon checking in we were seated at a high top table for two.

In addition to the various selection of wines they have here, they also have a full bar. Don't think this is just a place to stop for a beverage though. We actually had a full meal here. Pretty much any selection that is available at the Italian restaurant next door is available here too.

 Before we ordered, the server brought us out some bread, breadsticks, and dipping oils.  This is the same bread service that is offered at Tutto Italiano.

Before we decide to eat at any Disney restaurant, we take a look at the menus on the Disney app and plan out what we think we might want to order. Even though the Wine Cellar may feel more like a lounge, it did have a full menu so we already knew that we would be able to get a full meal here.  We also looked over the options for the wine flights. 

Wine flights at Disney, Epcot

Now use this example as a cautionary tale as to why you should always look at the menus ahead of time.  We planned our meal and beverage selection by what we saw on the app.  Lacey planned to get the "Under the Tuscan Sun" Wine Flight. See below!  $17 seems like a reasonable price for a Wine Flight.

However, when the paper menu came out, we noticed there was quite a price difference on that wine flight ( and all the wine flights). Almost $10 is quite the hike in price.

Well, the savvy consumers that we are, we did show our server the price difference between the price of the Wine Flight on the online menu and the paper menu. She did tell us that they were in the process of changing their prices. Fortunately, she agreed to give us the wine for the price it was listed for on the Disney app. 

Italian food at Disney World, Epcot

For our meal, we had a delicious Caprese salad, "Fior di Latte" Caprese, followed by a classic Lasagna alla Bolognese. I love a good Caprese salad and I order them often at Disney restaurants. This particular salad gave you a good portion of the Mozzarella cheese and it was very tasty. However, I had a Caprese salad at Tony's Town Square in Magic Kingdom a while back and it was just as tasty if not better ( even though the portion of Mozzarella was not the same). 

Lasagna, Italian food at Disney World, Epcot

The Lasagna was good, but not excellent. It was just basic lasagna in a generous portion of sauce that wasn't very flavorful.  Don't get me wrong, this meal hit the spot at the time, but the flavors were nothing memorable that made us craving it once we left here. 

Because of the menu change, I don't remember how much we actually paid for this meal but as of this posting, the Caprese salad is listed at $18 and the Lasagna is listed at $29.  These are the same menu prices as the Tutto Italiano restaurant next door.  Oh and just for reference,  the Capreses salad at Tony's is listed at only $12.

Although our meal was just basic, we were pleased with it. We really enjoyed the atmosphere here. It almost felt like we were in our own secret place tucked away from the theme park crowds.

If you are craving Italian but can not get a reservation at the sit down restaurant, this is a great alternative. You don't even have to order a meal here, you can just do drinks or appetizers. Keep in mind that unlike it's table service counterpart, the Wine Cellar does not open till 3:00 pm. 

Although it is listed as a Wine Cellar, Tutto Gusto does have a children's menu. 

An Annual Passholder discount is offered here. 

Where is your favorite place to get Italian food at Disney?

Till Next time ~ M and L

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