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In honor of Earth day this week, we thought we would bring you a post from Animal Kingdom.

Today we are sharing two of our favorite animal trails at Animal Kingdom.  So many guests focus on the bigger attractions and rides at this park that the walking trails often get overlooked, but don't miss these.

The first one we are exploring today is the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. 

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail is in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom. 
It is a self guided walk through trail were you will see gorillas, hippos, and unique birds. 
Of course the gorillas are the main attraction here.

Here you will meet a Western lowland Gorilla family ( behind glass of course).

Gino, a male Silverback Gorilla in his 40's is the dad.  Kashata is the mom. Lilly is the teenager and Flint and Cory are the young boys. Baby Grace is now a toddler and Ada is the newest baby Gorilla.


I've watched a lot about this Gorilla Family on Disney Plus on "The Magic Behind Disney's Animal Kingdom " but when I see them in person, I'm not sure I could tell all the kids apart! 

When we were there watching, they were particularly playful.

We think it was Cory, who banged on the glass to get our attention and then continued to chase his sibling because he wanted to play!

 We could watch this bunch for hours. We were watching the gorillas in a space that has the potential to be crowded.

 You might not get a good view of the action at first, but just be patient and as the crowd moves away you will be able to walk up and see the gorillas. You will be glad you waited! 
There are other areas ( not behind glass) that you can view the gorillas but in our experience, the glass area seems to be the best place to see them up close.

Also on this trail you will see hippos! 
These are the same hippos you will often see while.on Kilamanjaro Safaris.   Since hippos spend most of their time in water, you are more likely to get a better view of them on this trail than on the Safari. This trail has a great underwater viewing area. 

hippos at Disney

The hippo was actually out of the water when I visited, so I did not get a chance to see him swim.

The second trail we are featuring is the "Otter Grotto".

Okay, this is probably less of a trail and more of a viewing area, but don't miss it! 

You can watch the otters frolic and play on the land beside the water, and then see them having fun sliding down the water fall and swimming. They are so cute to watch.

Although I did not get a picture of it, there is an actual grotto with a viewing area.  Here you can see all the under water fun the otters are having.  There is an information station in here that tells you about the otters, and the grotto is just a good place to cool off and get out of the heat. 

I realize I did not get the best pictures of the Otter Grotto, so I do plan to update this post with better pictures.

And in honor of Earth day, I did want to share this beautiful button you can get an Animal Kingdom. If you make a donation to the Disney Conservation Fund ( in any amount) you can have a button.  Conservation buttons are available all year round, not just in April. You can make your donation at most retail locations throughout the park.  There is also a stand at Conservation Station. 

We have so much more to share about Disney's Animal Kingdom, so stay tuned!  

Until Next time ~ M and L

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