A Unique Dining Experience at Space 220 at Disney World

Space 220 is located in the front of Epcot near Mission Space. This was another restaurant I have been wanting to try.


I did not have a reservation, but I was a party of one so didn't think I would have to wait too long, and I was right. When I first arrived I was greeted by cast members of the "Space Station" who gave me a space elevator boarding pass. 

This was my ticket to get into the elevator ( or stellarvator) up to the restaurant. Riding in the elevator was a fun addition to getting to the restaurant.

While in the elevator, you could look down and see Earth getting smaller and smaller!

Upon exiting the elevator, I was escorted to the dining room!

The atmosphere in this restaurant was super cool with panoramic views of the Earth.  Disney did a great job with the theming of this restaurant. It really made you feel like you were in Space and lightyears away from a theme park!

 Since I was by myself I opted to sit at the bar.  Since I was at the bar, I did not have to order the prix fixe option. I paid a la carte but the menu I had to order from was more expansive than the Lounge menu. I noticed I had the same options as the regular restaurant menu.

I ordered a glass of red wine and started with the Neptune Tartare.

Food at Space 220

 It was sushi grade yellow fin tuna, avocado crema, mango coulis, edamame, wonton crisp, and yuzu dressing. Even though this was good, this was my least favorite of my choices.

Food at Space 220

Next up was the Blue Moon Cauliflower which was tempura fried cauliflower with house made hot sauce and blue cheese. This was very tasty.

Food at Space 220

I think I saved the best for last, I got the Roasted Beat Salad with lettuce, herb pesto hazelnuts, and caramelized goat cheese. This was delicious.

Sometimes when I go out to eat by myself I feel a bit rushed from the server because I'm by myself. I will say the bartender was super sweet and I didn't feel rushed at all. I knew I was going to order several items and I did not want them to come out too quickly or all at once. They each came out in a timely manner and I was able to enjoy each dish before the next one came out.

I greatly enjoyed this restaurant from the food, to the atmosphere, to the server. Next time I come I think it would be fun to come with someone and sit at one of the tables opposed to the bar.

Have you ever been to Space 220? If so, what was your favorite thing about the restaurant? ~L

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