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Jungle Navigation Co. Skipper Canteen, is located in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom and is themed after the Jungle Cruise attraction. The food here is inspired from Asian, African, and South American cuisine. This is one of those restaurants that was said to have some unique offerings sure to take you out of your comfort zone of typical theme park food.

When skimming through the menu prior there wasn't anything specifically that stood out to me that I was dying to try. I think that is what took me so long to finally try this place.

three dinning rooms in Skipper Canteen

  There are three quirky dining rooms inside the Skipper Canteen, the Crew's Colonial -era Mess hall, the Jungle Room, and the S.E.A room ( Society of Explorers and Adventures).  Each room has it's own unique stories as they tie into the Jungle Cruise. 
Secret app menu item at Skipper Canteen, Brazil cheesy bread

For an appetizer I chose a specialty item that was not on the menu. It is suppose to be a  "secret app", but the servers tell you about it...lol  I guess it's supposed to add to the exclusive feel of being in the  S.E.A.

 The "secret app" was Brazilian cheesy bread with a chimichurri and yogurt sauce. The sauce had a little tang to it and was the perfect addition to the bread. The cheese in the bread was a bit dense and I wish it was a bit more gooey and warmer but it still didn't stop me from eating the entire plate.

Instead of ordering a main course, I opted for another appetizer. 

Mess Hall Fried rice spicy chili garlic shrimp

I decided on the Mess Hall Fried Rice which was described as a spicy chili-garlic shrimp served over pork fried rice with eggs and peas. The portion size was fairly small, even though it was an appetizer. It was good, but based on the description I thought it could have been more seasoned and flavorful. 

I wanted to make sure that I saved room for dessert.

Coconut bar dessert

 The dessert I chose was the coconut bar with pineapple and basil compote and vanilla cream. I love coconut but wasn't sure about the compote. However, the dessert ended up being very tasty. 

Like most of the themed restaurants at Disney, dining here is a whole experience.  I think they really did a great job immersing guests into the Jungle Cruise vibe here.  I'm glad I took a chance on this unique restaurant. 

Have you ever been to Skipper Canteen? If so, what was your favorite dish? ~L

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