Is Moana, Journey of Water, underwhelming?

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When we first heard there was going to be a Moana attraction at Epcot, we of course were excited. We knew there was going to be some water involved.  Then we heard it was going to be a walk through attraction and potentially a splash area.  We were hoping for a ride, but were eager to see what Disney would come up with. 

 We are happy to see any of the parks welcome new attractions. However, we weren't sure Epcot was the best place for a Moana attraction. Wouldn't somewhere in Animal Kingdom fit this vibe a little better? After all, you can meet Moana in Animal Kingdom ( or at least you could at the time of the posting), so wouldn't it make sense to have her meet and greet near her attraction? We think so.

Now that Epcot, the part that use to be known as "Future World" is divided into different "worlds",  we understand what Disney was trying to do by putting this attraction in "World Nature".   It compliments "The Land" pavilion and "The Living Seas". 

Moana, Journey of Water, opened October 16, 2023 and we got to visit it a several weeks afterward. 

This is a walk through attraction with one way in and one way out. The day we visited, it was very crowded. There was no wait to get into the attraction ( like I heard there can be), but once we headed on the path, it seemed congested.  

Upon entering, I was impressed with the first large water feature. The fog and the colored light  gave it a magical touch and made me excited to see what more there was going to be.

You can take the path at your own pace, but with it being so crowded, it can be hard to see all the details and features. There is a wet path and a dry path. Both paths are basically side by side but the dry path is for those who don't want to "interact" with the water and just want to walk through and enjoy the scenery.  

We mixed it up and took whichever path was least crowded at the time. ( You do not have to stay on the same path the entire time.)

Most of the water interactions included things like waving your hand over top of  or underneath a certain spot to get water to spray or dance, stuff like that.  This kind of stuff would be fun for kids, but not very fascinating for adults.  

The main attraction for us was seeing Te Fiti! Adults will appreciate the lush landscape of this attraction and it could be quite relaxing when it's not so crowded. I read somewhere that this was suppose to be used as a relaxation spot, although I don't ever remember seeing any benches. 

Journey of Water is a nice place to see Spaceship Earth from a different vantage point as well.

I've only seen pictures of this attraction at night when it is all light up and I can only imagine it would look more amazing in person, and maybe less crowded at night too.  I'll check it out  at night during my next visit and report back!   For now, I think Moana, Journey of water is a beautiful  to look at, but a bit underwhelming as as an attraction.   Just like anything else, my opinion may change in the future. Maybe I need to see it from a different perspective.

What are your thoughts?   M & L

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