Epcot Flower and Garden Scavenger Hunts and Tea Tour

 There is so much fun to be had at Disney's Epcot park but every once in a while Epcot will throw in some fun "Extra's"  This last trip we made these "Extras" a bit of a game. 

We visited during the Flower and Garden Festival. 

There are 2 main highlights to this festival, the food booths and the topiaries.  When you get to Epcot grab yourself one of the Passport booklets. 

This will give you a list of all the events/entertainment options, food stands, and topiaries. We used it as sort of a scavenger hunt.   Speaking of Scavenger hunt, there are two "official" ones at Epcot you can participate in. 

The first one is with Spike the bee. This one costs $7.99. Spike the bee is a little garden figurine that is hidden throughout Epcot and you have to find him. There are stickers to match each of his locations. When you have found him in all the locations, there is a prize. Sometimes it has been a set of character plates and sometimes it has been a set of cups.  We did not feel we had enough time to do this one so we passed.  

The other "scavenger hunt" if you want to call it that is completely free.  This one is the Tea tour in the U.K pavilion.  

You can pick up a map right there in the gift shop and after finding around 10 different teas in the garden, you can present your checked off map to the cast member and you will have your pick of two different teas, one cold brew and one warm. 

In the Spring time there is an Easter Egg hunt as well. This starts in March and only runs for a limited time. For this hunt you will join a colorful Easter Egg hunt inspired by Disney characters. The hunt takes place around World Showcase.  We visited the festival in June so we assumed this hunt was no longer going on!

The biggest hunt of them all is for the topiaries! Afterall, it IS the Flower and Garden Festival. There are 24 of them listed in the Flower and Garden passport booklet and a place for you to check them off once you've found them.  Do you think we were able to find all 24? 

Some of the topiaries were trickier to find than others and as you can see from the pictures, some of them we did not find until the sun went down.   I really did think I found all 24 but it wasn't until I was uploading these pictures that I noticed I did not have the Tinkerbell topiary.  

Which Topiary is your favorite?  Have you ever  been to the Flower and Garden Festival? -M

To see all the yummy food we ate while at the Flower and Garden Festival  CLICK HERE.


  1. I've been following your trip IG. So fun. I love Epcot - my favorite Disney site. Never been to this festival but I would enjoy it.

  2. I know I dont even have to say which is my favorite - but they all are so amazing!!! I cant imagine the upkeep of these

  3. How beautiful! The scavenger hunt sounds fun, and these topiaries are all wonderful!

  4. OH so fun! We have never been there during the flower festival but EPCOT is my favorite park.


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