June in Review


Ya'll know how bad I am at documented one sentence each day, so I will just do a recap of the month of June. Wow, I know I feel like a broke record when I sat "this month went so fast".

We ended up going to school later this year and our last day wasn't until June 11! We had a few half days and days off thrown in there but it still seemed so much later than previous years!

That first week of "official" Summer break I went to lunch with some friends to celebrate my birthday. I had to work on my actual birthday so I couldn't go until school was out. 

Two days later my sister, "Flat Sybie", and I were on our way to Disney!  Yes, we did a "flat Stanley" version of our Labrador Sybie. I know we are way too old to have had this much fun with a paper doll, but we did. People who saw us taking pictures of her at Disney would come up to us and tell us they thought it was such a good idea and that they wanted to do that with their dog next time! 

I can't even begin to tell you what a good time we had at Disney. It is like the stars aligned and everything just worked out. The only snafu we had was with our luggage.  I have not checked luggage in over 10 years ( my sister is a Flight attendant and I've learned to always carry-on). Well this time we wanted to pack a little more since we were staying longer.  When we got to Orlando it started to rain and there was lightening with in a 20 mile radius so the ramp agents could not unload our luggage. We waited for an hour and a half at the luggage carousel. We waited so long I thought we were going to have to cancel our dinner reservations. Luckily by 3:30pm we had our luggage and were on our way and made it dinner for our 5:30 pm reservation. 

While we were at Disney, we visited the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot  ( You can read more about that HERE and HERE), had dinner at some new restaurants, had a spa day at the resort, rode the hot air balloon, visited Magic Kingdom, rode the Swan boats several times, visited Animal Kingdom, and so much more. I plan to do a post on more of the things we did in the future. 

   When we returned, we met a new family member.

This is Shelly!  You may remember at the end of April our parents' Golden Retriever Puppy  passed away. This was devastating and hard on us all.  My parents needed another baby in the house so they got Shelly.   She has been such a fun addition to our "new crew".

And probably the last thing I will report for the month of June is about our boat dock. This is the least fun thing about the month but worth mentioning since it has been taking up A LOT of our time. My poor husband has been a rock star though, tirelessly working on putting this together. It will be the death of us yet but I know it will bring boating enjoyment for years to come once we get it set up the way we want it. (No pictures because pieces of it are still in our garage). 

Do you have any ongoing projects this summer? Any vacation plans?  -M

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  1. I honestly thought you really had your dog with you on teh first pic I saw on IG - LOL... then I caught on & loved the idea!!!
    Did you have a different one with all the different "hats" or did you change out the hats - either way - so fun!!!!
    So glad you & your sis made it back to Disney - all is right in the world HAHA

  2. How fun! First of all any trip to Disney is a blast, but doing the Fla tSybie thing is awesome. Hope you get the boat dock fixed soon.

  3. What a great way to end the school year and celebrate a birthday! I just love Disney.

  4. I love the idea of taking your 'flat' dog away with you! What fun! Pleased you had a great time in Disney.

  5. Oh, I used to love Flat Stanley. Have taken a Flat Stanley with me on several vacations. How clever to have a flat version of your sweet pup. I was an elementary school librarian and had a flat shelf elf that I took on vacations with me.

    Glad you had a wonderful time in Disney. I was there in March with my daughter and granddaughter. Just a magical place for adults and children alike.

  6. We have a list of projects that are just sitting on the list. I had to postpone my vacation due to short staffing though our daughter, son in law & all the Grands came for a visit. I hosted flat Stanley a couple years ago. It was fun! What a fun & creative idea to do with your dog. The new family member is adorable & looks fabulous in blue. I've never been to Disney, always had planned to go, but haven't got there yet. Karen


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