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     This weekend I got to tour many of the Disney resorts to check out their Easter decorations.

where to find Disney Easter decorations

I started my tour at Disney's Beach Club Resort.  They had these displays set up in the lobby. Here is a peek at what they had there.

Disney Easter eggs
Each egg or display had a card with the name of the display and the artist/chef who created it. This one was called "Japan Pavilion Dragon"

Mickey and Minnie

Disney Easter eggs
Chip and Dale

Pixie Hallow


                    Cherry Blossoms 

                                                                    Floral and Butterflies 

Disney Grand Floridian Resort

The next resort we visited was the Grand Floridian. 

Easter decorations at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

Grand Floridian is known for the life size Gingerbread house in the lobby at Christmas time, but they also do a nice display for Easter.

Instead of the Gingerbread house, there is now a Grand Cottage in the lobby of the Grand Floridian! This really is nothing more than a stand to purchase Easter treats.


Here are some examples of what you could buy. Although very cute, I did not need a sweet treat, so I passed. 

Now on to some of the decorated eggs....

How precious is this Bambi egg?

The detail on this Cheshire cat egg is impressive.

This egg was inspired by Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railroad.

How fun is this egg inspired by Disney snacks? Thank you Stephanie for coming up with this design!

A baby Dinosaur hatching?

Beautiful flowers.

More cute Easter displays at the Grand Floridian!

The Contemporary resort also had some Easter displays, so we headed over there next.

Easter decorations at Disney's Contemporary Resort

The Contemporary gift shop, Baylake Gifts, even had a few displays.

The egg displays are located upstairs on the same level as Baylake gifts ( and Chef Mickey's)

Under the Sea

Mr. Potato Head

Sugar Rush

Lion King 

Nightmare before....Easter?

Mickey Mouse Club House 

Star Wars

                                                Classic Walt and Mickey, and Easter Minnie.

                                   Not sure what this one was.

 And a classic bunny!

There were a few other decorated eggs at the resorts I visited but I just shared the ones I could easily photograph. I think I got pics of the best ones anyway!

The Easter displays have become a tradition at these resort. Every year they are set up, but every year the eggs are decorated differently!

Have you ever stopped to see the Easter decorations at any of the resorts? 

Till next time ~L

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