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We have a lot of fond memories from Cape May Cafe. We've eaten here several times as our celebratory brunch or dinner after a run Disney race!

Cape May Cafe is located at Disney's Beach Club Resort and offers two distinct dining experiences. From 7:30 am till 11:30 am, the theme is Minnie's Beach Bash Breakfast.  This is a character meal featuring Minnie and some of her friends.

The first time we ate here for the breakfast buffet was after running the Princess half marathon. This was like a celebratory brunch. 

Character Breakfast Buffet at Disney

It was a lot of fun interacting with the characters, but the breakfast buffet was just basic breakfast food. 
Character Breakfast Buffet at Disney
I don't remember there being anything too special.

Disney Beach club Cape May Dinner Buffet Menu

In the evening, ( from 5:00 pm -9:00pm) the theme is Seafood and More dinner Buffet.  This is a surf n turf buffet with a New England flare.  It is important to note that this is NOT a character meal in the evening.  

The first time we ever ate here for dinner was after completing the Disney World marathon. Again, it was a celebratory dinner with some other runner friends.  At first, I did think it was a pretty pricey meal seeing that there were no characters involved. However, by the time we left the restaurant, we were all in agreement that it was fabulous!

Several years had past since our marathon dinner at Cape May, but we remembered how great it was, so on a recent visit, we decided to dine there again!  We had the first seating at 5:00 pm. We arrived at the Beach Club about 45 minutes early and we are so glad we did.  

Disney Characters at Disney's Beach Club Resort

We had some surprise visits from some special characters.  

Disney Characters at Disney's Beach Club Resort

It doesn't matter how old you are, when you unexpectedly see Disney Characters, it just makes your day!  The character interactions in the Beach Club lobby just elevated this dining experience. We saw Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.  The Characters stayed in the lobby for about 10 minutes. It is important to note that they did not go into the restaurant. 

After the character interactions, we sat out on the patio and played Disney Trivia ( on the Play Disney app) until it was our time to be seated. 

We were seated exactly at 5:00pm.  The server took our drink order and then invited us to go right up to the buffet.

I am not a huge seafood lover, but I really do enjoy this buffet. There is definitely enough seafood for those that are coming specifically for that type of food, but there is a wide variety of everything else.

There is a variety of salads (green salads, pasta salads, and fruit) and soups.  

There is chicken, as well as a carving station with beef.  There is a variety of sides such as vegetables, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes. 

 There was also a station for the little ones ( or anyone) that included pasta, pizza, and meatballs. 

There was a variety of seafood options.  

The New England Seafood Boil included clams, mussels, shrimp, corn, and red potatoes.  There were also some fried seafood selections, as well as the catch of the day and salmon. There was seafood paella and seafood salads as well.  For an additional cost, you could add some snow crab legs. At the time, they were $29 per pound.  We did not add these. 

Fairytales and Fitness Disney blog

Pay close attention to the details here. The restaurants theme gives off a classic seaside vibe.

  The restaurant itself reminds us of being inside a cabana. 

The walls are decorated with seaside prints, and we even saw croquet mallets being used as decor.


Be sure to glance at the floor, you will see that the carpet resembles sand with seashells.

When it was time to get dessert, we had to walk around the corner to another little room.

Like all Disney buffets, the desserts were beautiful. I like that they were all "tiny bites". 

I think my sister and I took one of everything and just cut them in half so we could each take "just a taste". 

I think my favorite ended up being the cookies. 

Although there were no characters at dinner, I do think this is a better option than the breakfast buffet. 

 I am generally not a fan of breakfast buffets anyway as I think they are mostly all the same. I think this New England Style surf and turf buffet has unique offerings yet has enough traditional food to make everyone happy.  Not only does Cape May Buffet offer great food, but the Beach Club resort is in a great area. You could spend the evening in the Beach Club/Yacht Club area just exploring, shopping, and then sticking around to watch the night time show at Epcot. 

To check out the Cape May Cafe menu during your visit click HERE.

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