Happy New Year and Holiday Wrap-Up


The holidays may be over, but  I feel compelled to do a little holiday recap. It's been so nice to look back at our blog over the years and read about what was going on at that time in our life. I've realized the past few years, I have not done that. 

Lacey and I of course did our Christmas trip to Disney. Some of our favorite experiences this visit include the Holiday Dine at Hollywood and Vine, Riding the Tomorrowland Speedway at night with the Christmas Lights, The Christmas Tree Stroll at Disney Springs, and hearing Neil Patrick Harris ( Doogie Howser), narrate the Candlelight Processional.  Oh, and the Main event this time of year is Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.

At home we enjoyed taking the dogs to visit Santa and then our night of lights.

Sybie loves the Christmas lights.

I wasn't sure how the Santa visit would go, so I took the girls separately.

 I took Sybie on a Friday night and then took Willow the next morning. 

We did take both of the girls to a Christmas photo shoot at our local pet store. 

These backdrops were just the cutest.

We hosted a lot of friends and family over the holiday which was so much fun.

My nana (93) came over for dinner one night and I gave her a tour of my Christmas trees and holiday decor, which she loved. I'm glad she came over this evening because she didn't end up coming to our Christmas eve dinner.

On Saturday the 23, we hosted our Annual Christmas Party for our family.  My Pappy loves the Pittsburgh Steelers so we always have the party when the Steelers play.  ( Pappy ( 90) had given us a bit of a scare as he ended up in the hospital the night before. He told the doctor he needed to be out by 4:00 pm the next day because he had a party and a football game to watch.  He showed up at 4:00 pm and even had made a cake).  

We eat food, play games, and watch football! One of our games includes everyone getting a unique flavor of popcorn, which is fun. We had everything from Peanut butter and Jelly popcorn to Old Bay flavored popcorn.  Later that night, the Buffalo Bills played. Half our family are Bills fans. Both teams won, it was a good night. 

On Christmas Eve, we had a Christmas Pajama party at church in the morning. I came home and did a few last minute Christmas prep and then got ready to go back for the evening candlelight service.  We ended the night with a family dinner at my house.  My parents made us all seafood. We exchanged gifts with an out of town friend and the dogs were super excited to get their first Christmas gifts of the season. 

Christmas Day we always wake up at our own home. Scott and I exchange gifts and then our hearts just swell as we watch Sybie and Willow open and play with their new gifts. 

Sometimes I think they are just as excited as young children ( and they sure are cute).  Afterwards we go meet the rest of my family at my parents' house and exchange gifts and eat lunch. I was able to see Nana for lunch and she was having a good day, which made me happy.  We stayed there till evening and then it was time to come home and watch Christmas movies. 

In the next few days, we would have more of our family over and our nephews. We had more food and more games! We also played the popcorn game and these flavors were just as interesting; taco, baked potato, hot cheese, etc.  I ended up getting  lemon pound cake, but I didn't care for it as much as I thought so I gave to to my sister in law. 

Friday night we had family and friends over for a game night and to help eat a lot of our food we had leftover from the last few days. 

On Saturday ( December 30), we had a birthday party for Pappy. He will be 91 on January 2nd, but since a lot of family has to go back to work on that day, we celebrated on Saturday night. It was so nice celebrating with my family and we are so blessed to have a 91 year old Pappy who still lives by himself, drives himself, shops for himself ( he gives good Christmas gifts), and is still a social butterfly. 

On New Years Eve we went to dinner with friends to a place called Mardi Gras. We've been going there for the last 3 years so maybe it is starting to be a tradition. We don't stay out late as I am more of a "stay at home gal" for NYE.  Lacey's flight came in later that night and she drove to my house just in time to watch a movie and ring in the new year with me!

New Years day I took my Christmas trees down and all my Christmas decor.  I left up some garland and electric candles just to give a warm glow during the winter.  We had some family over for a New years dinner ( and then ate the leftovers all week...lol)

Saturday was our last celebration for the season! We had a surprise birthday party for our very special Aunt who turned 83.  She was surprised as she walked into the party and saw so many family members there to celebrate her. I am so glad this made her happy! We love you Aunt Sandy!

Whew! I need a vacation from our Christmas vacation. It was a very busy time of year but my heart is full. I am so blessed to share this time with so many family and friends.   Thank you for allowing me to document it all here.

I hope 2024 brings more fun times with friends and family and more fun adventures! 

Best Wishes for this new year! -M


  1. Your holidays sound lovely and full of family, joy and love. What more could we want. I love that you visit Disney at Christmas, that would be a dream come true and the speedway was one of the rides that we enjoyed the most at Epcot when we went last spring. Seeing your grandparents gave my heart a tug. My own grandma is 92 and such a big part of my life and I am so grateful that she can also come to enjoy special events at our home with us. I get so sad when I think that one day she wont be with us. Also, you have me considering offering pet sessions next year for the holidays. I love dogs and that would be fun, maybe I'll reach out to a local pet shop or our SPCA.


    1. Oh how fun if you could offer pet sessions for the holidays! People would love that and you would be great at it!


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