Disney Food Feature: LeFou's Brew at Gaston's Tavern

Tucked  away in the New Fantasyland part of Magic Kingdom is a snack shop called Gaston's Tavern.  As you would guess, this is part of the Beauty and the Beast village.  

                      Gaston's Tavern has a very limited menu.

Gaston's Tavern is known for the famous Cinnamon rolls and the delicious LeFou's Brew!

The menu here is very limited, but sometimes you can find a few other items. On this day there was a sandwich served with chips, and a Pluto Dome cake.  Sometimes you can find the "Grey Stuff" cupcake here. You can also find tea, coffee, bottle water, juice and fountain beverages.

We were here just for the Lefou's Brew!  This drink is basically an apple flavored slushy with a hint of marshmallow topped with a fruit flavored foam.  It really is a tasty treat and often gets overlooked. People tend to go for the more popular Dole Whip! 

 You have two options when ordering the LeFou's Brew. You can get it in just a plastic disposable cup, or for almost double the price you can get it in a souvenir stein. (I've noticed the prices have increased for this drink since I posted this picture. Here is the link for the most up to date prices at Gaston's Tavern)

                        Dole Whips are great, but I think this drink is more refreshing! 

One thing to keep in mind is that Gaston's Tavern does not keep the same hours as the rest of the park.  It's been known to close an hour or two earlier than park closing. 

Although Gaston's Tavern does not have a full menu, it does have a full dining room. There are plenty of places to sit, eat, drink, or just relax. You may even run into Gaston himself!
Where to find Gaston in Magic Kingdom

 On one of our visits to Gaston's Tavern we saw Gaston escorting these two little princesses around the dining room!

Have you ever had a snack or beverage from Gaston's Tavern?  


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