A Surprise at ABC Commissary at Disney's Hollywood Studios

 Today we are at park that we rarely visit. We'll, I should say that we don't visit this park as much as the others, but today we had a nice surprise.

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We had come to the park early on this day and were headed out around noon but thought we ought to grab something for lunch before we left. 

One thing about Disney, is that dining is an experience. There is themed dining, character dining, and even a lot of the quick service places serve icon snacks and drinks. For this reason, I hate to just "grab" something somewhere so nondescript just for the sake of eating, but I felt that was what we were about to do.  

We were right in front of ABC Commissary and decided to stop here. I've eaten here over a decade ago and don't remember it being anything special. 

Fairytales and Fitness Disney Food Blog

The outside was still the same. It had a nice little outdoor dining area but at this point we really needed to get out of the heat! 

As soon as we walked in, I was already impressed.  This place was actually nice! A lot nicer than I remembered.

There is an Art Deco vibe here as it mimics a studio commissary to the stars! 

Air conditioned quiet place at Disney

We were here early, so it was pretty quiet, unlike at most counter service restaurants. 

I really liked the decor here. It had more of a table service vibe. Although there was a lot of natural light in here, it did stay nice and cool which gave us a nice respite from the sweltering heat outside. I also liked seeing posters from some of our favorite ABC TV shows. I should have taken some pictures of those. 


Okay, now on to the food. This is indeed a quick service restaurant.  You get in the queue to order your food or you can do mobile order here. We decided to eat here on the fly, so we just walked up to order.  

This isn't your typical burgers and fries quick service.  There is actually a variety of items that all sounded tasty. Think "California" inspired!

Mediterranean salad with chicken, menu

I got the Mediterranean salad with Chicken served with hummus and grilled Flatbread.

shrimp tacos, menu

Lacey got the shrimp tacos served with Mexican rice and black beans. 

Both meals were tasty and for a quick service restaurant the portion sizes were very generous.  Since this is a quick service, meals here are moderately priced. At the time of this posting they were $14.99 or under.

There is not a lounge here but it does serve some fun adult beverages. This may be a nice place to take a break from the Florida heat and grab a Watermelon Margarita!

You can find the full menu for ABC Commissary HERE.

At the time of this posting, ABC Commissary was open from 10:00 am to 8:00pm.

What Quick Service location has surprised you lately?

Thanks for stopping by!

~M and L

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