Summer House on the Lake at Disney Springs

                                                      Summer House picture from Disney.

As we were heading to Disney Springs for the Drone Show, we decided we would try to get in to Summer House by the Lake for dinner. We did not have a reservation, but since it is only the two of us we usually don't have a problem getting into restaurants.

This place is lovely. It had a huge porch out front and around the side where people where eating snacks and drinking beverages.


As soon as we walked in , there is a retail section to buy shits, and mugs, etc, if you are into that kind of stuff. 

The color pallet here was nice. lots of pink and aquas. 

The main event here though are those huge cookies!

I was actually surprised that the cookies were priced fairly reasonable. Most of them were less than $5. We did not get a cookie because I had my eye set on another dessert at Disney Springs.  Across from the cookie bar there was a little seating area of small tables and stools. This was for people who were not dining here, but just wanted a place to enjoy their cookies and drinks. I thought that was a nice touch.

Okay, on to the restaurant part. There are three dining areas here. There is a main dining room, pictured above, a side dining room, and a back patio dining area. There are also three bars, one in each area. When we checked in to see if there was availability, we were told that it would be about a 20 minute wait for a table but we could sit at one of the bars right away. It was pretty crowded in here, so since it was just the two of us we decided to not take up an entire table, but to just sit at the bar.

We sat at the bar in the side dining room. 

The Summer House has a full menu for lunch, dinner and brunch and you can find that HERE. They also have a seasonal menu and that is what we ordered off of. We had the Roasted Tomato and Bacon pizza with caramelized onion cream, gruyere, and arugula salad. 

This was enough for the two of us to share. Lacey also had a glass of red wine. I'm glad we got this pizza, it was perfect for what we wanted. It had some good flavors, the bacon was thick yet crispy, and I even thought the whole thing was a bit spicy for my taste. I did ask the server for a cup of ranch dressing so I could cool it down a bit. 

After dinner, we did walk to the back of the Summer House to see the back patio, which was one of the three dining areas. 

This was the view from the back patio.  It overlooks Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort. 

This is also a view from the back and where we would be standing later that night to view the Dreams that Soar Drone Show. 


We did not purchase a cookie at the Summer House because I had been wanting to try this Millionaire Shortbread from The Basket at Wine Bar George ( also in Disney Springs). I had been hearing about this good dessert from other social media outlets.  This shortbread was $8 and since I purchased at the to go window at The Basket, I was not able to use a Disney Gift Card. 

This was a treat I had been looking forward to getting even before my trip, so I was excited about it.  I can honestly say I was not impressed. It was dry with little flavor and I wish I would have just got the cookie at The Summer House!

Till next time ~ M and L

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