The Boathouse at Disney Springs


On one afternoon we had reservations at The Boathouse at Disney Springs for a light brunch.

Disney Springs Boathouse restaurant

This was another "new to me" restaurant.  For being a Sunday afternoon, it surprisingly wasn't very busy yet. 

Boathouse Restaurant Disney Springs, Amphicars

There is both indoor and outdoor seating at this restaurant. Since the weather was nice out, we chose to sit outside. We were seated at a table right by the water, which we enjoyed!

Boathouse restaurant Disney Springs

First off they brought these complimentary warm rolls with cinnamon butter. They were very tasty and perfect for a Sunday morning/afternoon!

Boathouse Disney Springs, best bloody Mary Orlando Florida Disney Wolrd

And of course it wouldn't be brunch without a Bloody Mary. These Bloody Mary's are a very good size!  The "jumbo" shrimp certainly were Jumbo!  This drink was almost an appetizer in itself!.  Here is the description.

Boathouse Bloody Mary: Stoli Hot, Ancho Reyes, Charleston Blue Cheese stuffed Olive, Pepperoncini Jumbo Shrimp. $16.    This was definitely one of the better Bloody Mary's I've had!

Lobster bisque, Tuna Poke, Disney Springs Boathouse , Disney World

Up next was a bowl of Maine Lobster Bisque ($8) served with Oyster crackers.  I  always set my expectations high for Lobster Bisque but then when I get it, there really isn't a lot of Lobster. which I guess should be expected.  This was no different. It was still very good. It was very creamy and did have a good lobster flavor despite not having many pieces of lobster in it. 

I also had the Yellowfin Tuna Poke with Avocado, Mango, and Soy-Lime Vinaigrette ($18) This had a really good flavor.  It was a bit on the sweeter side because of the sauce that came with it. It also came with Won-ton chips. 

Even though we got a light meal here, there is a full menu including steaks, sandwiches, chicken, seafood, and pasta. The dessert menu is pretty extensive too.  

I will link the full menu HERE.

Boathouse Disney Springs restaurant, Disney World, yellow lab at Disney
Of course we had to get a #FlatSybie picture! 

The atmosphere was relaxing yet fun. We got to see a few of the amphicars while we dinned and enjoyed waving  back to the passengers.

It was a great way to spend an earlier afternoon before shopping at Disney Springs.  -L

This was just my experience of this restaurant and all menu items and prices were accurate at the time of this posting. We were not on the dining plan for this meal.


  1. I love FlaySybie!
    I honestly thought that shrimp had to be fake ... I didnt even KNOW they made them that big!!!

  2. They were delicious. My friend is allergic to shellfish so I enjoyed two pieces of shrimp!


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