Changes to Disney's Boardwalk Inn and Resort Area

Renovations to Disney's Boardwalk Inn Resort

We love the Disney's Boardwalk resort area! We've stayed at each of the resorts in this are ( Boardwalk Inn, Yacht & Beach Club, and Disney's Swan and Dolphin).  

Disney's  Boardwalk Inn Resort

             Ironically enough, the Boardwalk Inn is usually our last choice. 

Updates at Disney's Boardwalk Inn Resort

It's not because we don't like the location or the rooms, it's because of the lack of restaurants at the Inn, especially quick service.  Yes, there is the Boardwalk Bakery and now Screen Doors ( the resort's general store/gift shop) sells more quick service items but it's not the same as going to the eateries at the other resorts. 

Disney's Boardwalk Inn and Resort area

We are now glad to hear that Disney is adding a quick service restaurant to the Boardwalk Inn, along with some other refurbishments including the guests rooms!

Renovated and old  Balcony rooms at Disney's Boardwalk Inn resort

I personally have always liked the guest rooms at Boardwalk Inn. I have only ever stayed in one that overlooks the boardwalk area and I thought it was lovely.

Renovated and updated rooms at  Disney's Boardwalk resort balcony room

This is what the room looked like the last time I stayed there.  I liked the beachy colors and the postcards printed on the curtains leading out to the balcony give it that vintage boardwalk feel.   

I understand the need for the update but sometimes when Disney updates rooms, they take away the character ( no pun intended) and make it feel more sterile.  I think our stay at the renovated Coronado Springs Resort is a good example of that. 

Besides adding a quick service and updating the interior, one of the most exciting changes coming to the Disney Boardwalk area is the addition of the Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers. 

Cake bake shop by Gwendolyn Rogers at Disney World

The Cake Bake Shop is an Indiana based bakery known for its elegant desserts and beautiful decor.   Think "Princess tea party".   In fact, one of the features of this new bakery/restaurant will be the afternoon teas which I assume will be like the ones held at the Tea Room at Disney's Grand Floridian.

Here are a few pictures of the inside of the Cake bake Shop that my friend Andrea took during her last visit. You can see see more picture on her blog by clicking on her link. 

Cake bake shop by gwendolyn Rogers

Cake bake shop by Gwenolyn Rogers comes to Disney World

Cake bake shop  comes to Disney World

Cake bake shop comes to Disney World

It is said that the ESPN Club at the Epcot end of the Boardwalk will not be re-opening.

ESPN  Zone Club to close at Disney World

 There is a good chance that the Cake Bake Shop will renovate and take over that space.

We can't wait!  The Cake Bake Shop plans to open in 2023 although an exact date has not been set for the bakery or other renovations to the Boardwalk Inn and area. 

What changes are you excited about at the boardwalk? Have you heard of any other additions or enhancements for this area?   

See you next week! -M

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