This will be your favorite path at Disney

Walking  path to Magic Kingdom

 One of the benefits of staying at a resort along the Seven Seas Lagoon is the access to the magic Kingdom. If you've stayed at one of those resorts or even visited, you would know that you can easily get to the Magic Kingdom via monorail or even one of the boats.  I find both modes of transportation magical and each gives a different perspective of that resort area. 

Walking path from magic kingdom to Grand Floridian

On our most recent visit, we were excited to see that the walking path from the Grand Floridian to the Magic Kingdom was completed!  (I believe the path was completed in 2020 but like many people, we weren't traveling then.)  We enjoy Disney transportation but we love when we can walk Disney property to get to where we want to be.

                      Walking path at Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom

It was 7:30 pm when we first started out on the path from the Grand Floridian. Some of the lights were just starting to turn on.  

Walking path to Magic Kingdom from Grand Floridian

It was a perfect evening and we only passed one other family on the entire path, and we even stopped to take photos and just take in the scenery. 

Monorail to Magic Kingdom  and Disney Resort

The path goes right under the monorail!

Walking path to Magic Kingdom from Grand Floridian resort
There are a few bridges but the entire path is suitable for a stroller or wheelchair/scooter.

Alligators at Disney's Grand Floridian resort

While walking along the water, we heard some nature sounds. I wasn't sure if these were sounds from actual creatures near the lagoon or if they were sounds that Disney piped in from an inconspicuous speaker as they sometimes  do.  I took a video with sound and shared it on  Instagram . Check it out and tell me what you think. 

Walking path at Disney's Grand Floridian resort to Magic Kingdom

Not only does this path now provide a peaceful walk from the Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom, but remember, you can also walk to the MK from the Polynesian now as well since the Grand and Polynesian are also connected by a walk way.  If you want to walk to the Contemporary resort , you can continue on the walkway past Magic Kingdom. 

At park close, the wait for the monorail or ferry boat could be quite long. If you are not too exhausted and want to get more steps on your Fitbit for the night, you could actually walk yourself back to the TTC ( transportation and Ticket Center), if that is where you parked your car.  Once you take the path to the Grand, there is another path that connects to the Polynesian, and then there is a path from the Polynesian to the TTC.  See it is a small world after all! 

Do you like to walk Disney property when you can , or do you prefer using transportation? -M

See you next weekend! 

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  1. I'm still holding out hope they'll close the loop and you'll be able to run a circle around the resorts someday - that'd be such an awesome running path!

    1. Now that would be awesome! Perhaps it could be a route included in one of the races!

  2. Even their walking paths are just beautiful. Disney does it right

  3. I love this path! Back in the Fall, a baby deer and her mom were living in the wooded area near the bridge. I saw them several times when I was walking through!

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