Experience Dinner at Shula's Steakhouse at Disney World Resort

 Shulas is a signature restaurant located inside the Disney World Dolphin resort.  We were actually staying at the Dolphin at the time and were able to make a reservation for the same evening only a few hours before.  

Our reservation was for 6:30pm on a Sunday evening.  Us getting reservations for the same day was probably just luck, I highly recommend making your reservations in advance. 

This restaurant honors head coach of the Miami Dolphins Don Shula.

 It is decorated with memorabilia from their "perfect season" in 1972, but it does not have a sports bar feel to it.  It's classy.  It is a rather dark restaurant with dark wood and I do not believe there are any windows ( at least not in the section we were in).  

  Our table was lit by candle light and I could see this being a romantic restaurant  had I not been with my sister..lol

     We started with a bread basket and my sister got a glass of wine. 

There were a lot of "heavier" options but of course this is a steak house.  Between the two of us, we had ordered the Maryland Style Crab Cake, jumbo lump crab, mustard and Old Bay seasoning with Remoulade sauce ($22).  The crab cake was really good and lots of the crab, no filler.  Lacey enjoyed the spiciness Remoulade sauce that went with it.


 She also had French Onion Soup with caramelized onions and croutons in a rich beef broth with Gruyere and Provolone cheese ($14).   

I also had an Arugula salad with a very tasty citrus vinaigrette dressing that is no longer on the menu but I believe it was replaced with another salad. 

 And for my main course I had the meatballs over potatoes with gravy. That was a very tasty dish but it was a tad salty.  This dish is no longer on the menu either.

We were so full from our meal that we did not opt for dessert.  There were only a few items on the dessert list at this time, one of them being cheesecake ( which  I do not eat). I think the hand crafted cocktails and extensive wine list are really the stars here. If you enjoy a good libation, I suppose this is the place to be.

Overall, we did enjoy this restaurant. Even though it was darker than we usually like, we did like the fancy feeling atmosphere.   -M

This was just our experience. Menu items may be different when you visit.  We were not on the Disney Dining Plan,

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