Swan Boats at Disney World


Swan boats at Disney resort

Some of the most fun we've had on a non park day was when we went out in the Swan boats.  The Swan boats are located behind the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin resorts on their private lake.

You first have to sign up for your ride at one the the pool cabanas ( where you can also get towels, pool toys, and purchase sunscreen).  You will then be told if there will soon be a boat available, or if your name will be put on the list to wait for one.  After signing up, we got our ticket to go out on the dock and wait for our turn on a boat.

Swan boats at Swan and Dolphin Disney resort

We got lucky each time we rode and didn't have to wait long at all for a boat.  At the time of our visit, there were four boats but I believe two of them were out of commission. 

We have a paddle boat at home ( although it is not shaped like a swan) so we knew how this would work.  These boats hold four adults, or you could probably get away with 2 adults in the front and 3 small children in the back.  The people who are sitting upfront are the only ones that will be able to peddle the boat and steer it with the handle in the middle.  Life jackets are required and are provided. 

These Swan boats are much larger than our peddle boat at home and therefor they were quite challenging to maneuver!   We managed to take our boat all the way around the lake!  Seeing the resort from this point of view was just lovely.  Although we counted this as our workout for the day because it definitely works those leg muscles, it was equally relaxing as well. 

You are able to rent the Swan boats for a limit of 30 minutes at a time, so please make sure you are wearing a watch, or keep track of the time on your phone so you know when to return your boat so other guests can use it.  If you enjoyed it, you may certainly go out on the boat again.  We went out multiple times during our stay at the Swan and Dolphin.

The use of the Swan boats are free for resort guests (it is an amenity included in your resort fee).  I recently asked the Swan and Dolphin staff if the boats could be rented by non resort guest for a small fee and I was told that is not an option at this time. 

However, I had heard that non guests can purchase a day pass to the resort that will let them use the pool and spa facilities ( for about $40 I believe).  So perhaps if you do that you may be able to use the Swan boats.

Have you ever been out on a peddle boat of any kind?  -M

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