Dining at Todd English's Blue Zoo at Disney's Dolphin Resort

 We had a late dinner reservation at Todd English's Blue Zoo restaurant that is located inside the Disney World Dolphin Resort.  I have to say, by the time we got there, I was starving because we had had a long day and this would be the first real meal I had.

This is considered a signature restaurant, so you'll want to dress a little nicer.  As I stepped inside, I could tell it was a fancy. I read that this place has won awards for their menu, wine list, and interior design. The color scheme of the dinning room was blue ( of course) and orange.  The theme of this restaurant is Under the Sea. but unlike Coral Reef, you won't see any fish swimming around but I liked how colorful and fun everything looked. 

  • When we were seated, we were placed in a table that was in the center of the restaurant, which I normally don't care for because I feel cramped. I would have rather been in a booth but I don't think they even had any booths. 

The waiter came by and delivered the some bread with garlic butter spread. 

We started with a bottle of wine.  As an appetizer I had Crab nachos with black beans, pico de gallo, cherry peppers, and white cheddar. ($25)

These nachos were absolutely fabulous!  Although this was a shareable portion I will be honest and tell you that I ate them all myself! My dining partner is allergic to shellfish and was not able to enjoy them. I do not regret it!  I will say again, they were delicious! 

After eating the entire plate of nachos, I was completely satisfied and could have stopped there, but I didn't.  We both ordered entrees. 

The menu offered an impressive selection of seafood but also other meats and pasta as well. 

I ordered the Steamed Pumpkin Nudi with whipped Ricotta Cheese, Sage browned butter, pumpkin gremolata, and butternut squash puree. ($26).  My friend had Salmon, risotto, and vegetables.

Had I not filled up on the nachos, I probably would have been a tad disappoint of the portion size of the entree  when it came out.   But paired with an appetizer it was just the right amount.  I did actually enjoy the meal, despite not being very hungry.  It tasted like a Pumpkin gnocchi. The brown butter sage was the dominant flavor.  The butters and cheese flavors made this dish pretty heavy and rich. I could  now understand why the portion was as small as it was. 

After all this, there was no way I had room for dessert. I definitely left there full. 

You can see the full menu for BlueZoo HERE.

Till next time -L

This was just my experience of this restaurant and all menu items and prices were accurate at the time of this posting. We were not on the dining plan for this meal.

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