Teppan Edo Japanese Restaurant in Epcot

 We are always ready to try different dining experiences at Disney and  I finally got to experience the Teppan Edo restaurant. This is a Hibachi style restaurant located on the upper level of the Japan pavilion in Epcot, and it is definitely an experience. 

Each Hibachi grill table can sit up to 8 guests. So if you are a small party, you're more than likely going to be sitting with others.  It's not really a big deal, but something to note.

Each place setting had a menu and a hand sanitizer wipe. They had a pretty extensive menu. A little bit of everything from sushi to stir fries. They also had premium enhancements you could add on to your entrée such as wagyu strip or lobster tail. 

I chose the shrimp entrée.  All entrees come with white rice, a veggie/noodle stir fry, and a side salad. I was surprised they didn't make a rice stir fry on the grill that other Hibachi restaurants do, but rather just a bowl of white rice that was brought out to you.  They also gave you two dipping sauces. A teriyaki sauce, and my favorite the yum yum sauce. The salads came out first, then it was time to start the "show" aka dinner.

He firsts wipes down the grill and does some juggling with utensils. Then he pours the oil onto the grill in Disney fashion creating a mickey mouse head.

He begins to saute all the veggies and makes the typical onion volcano you see at most Hibachi restaurants, however he did not light it on fire like I have seen at other restaurants I've been to.

He then forms another Mickey Mouse on the grill with all the veggies before he cuts them up and adds them into the noodles to serve us. He begins to cook all the protein that does not take long at all. Then Bon Appetit, you're ready to eat!

At the time of this blog post,  this restaurant does offer an Annual Passholder discount, which is always an added bonus. 

This restaurant may be pricier than other sit down restaurants, but you have to consider the entertainment factor as well that adds on to the experience. 

Overall, I really liked this restaurant. The food was very tasty, the service was great, and the chef made it a fun experience. I would love to come back here again to compare the experiences. I'm sure it would be different each time depending on the chef that is creating the magic at your table. 

You can see a complete menu HERE.

Have you ever eaten at this restaurant?

If so, what did you think of it?

Till next time ~ L

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