Take a look inside Tiana's Bayou Adventure at Disney World

Disney Passholder Preview

I will admit, I was not pleased when I heard that Splash Mountain was no longer going to be an attraction at Magic Kingdom. It's a Disney Classic, after all! However, I can honestly say that Disney Imagineers re-imagined Splash Mountain to Tiana's Bayou Adventure just perfectly!  Let's take a look!

We were here for the Passholder preview, so we got to check out this attraction a few days before it "officially" opened to all guests.  During the week of previews, there certainly were a few glitches. 

Our virtual que was in the morning, but by the time we got there, the ride had stopped running, due to a glitch. Finally, we rode around 1:00 pm and our ride was perfectly fine. No glitches. 
There were so many fun details on this attraction that I could not capture them all. We took mostly video ( that can be seen on Instagram, @ms.meranda and @lacers02 ).  A lot of what is being shared here are screenshots of video. 

Yup, the plunge is still there!

You can find Tiana's food truck in the outside que. The mural on the side of the wall was painted by a Louisiana artist, as were many of the other art pieces. 

Once you get into the inside que, you will see all sorts of photographs and signs.

There are a few fun scenes set up in the que. You can not walk through the scene, just by them.

There are lots of family photographs that tell a story.

The kitchen scene was my favorite. So many details! And of course, beignets!

Time to board!  The story is that Tiana has built her "Tiana's Foods" on top of a Salt Dome. 

The ride component of TBA ( Tiana's Bayou Adventure), is the same as Splash mountain, so there really aren't too many surprises there!

New signage of course!

                                  The first sighting of Tiana.

                                              The plunge!


Now this is where things start to get exciting!

We are now going back inside the mountain for the last half of the ride. We've now entered the colorful land of New Orleans!


The scenery and animatronics here are amazing ( when they are working). I've heard they've been having glitches with the animatronics. They worked just fine during our ride.

                                                  Everyone joins in on the celebration!

They played great music to go along with the scenes!


Kudos to Disney for re-imagining such a fun ride!

Tiana's Bayou Adventure will be running on a virtual que ( find this on the Disney app). 

Thanks for checking this out!

See you next time! ~ M and L

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