"Ohana for Dinner or Breakfast? A complete review.

 Ohana at Disney's Polynesian Village resort has always seemed to be a a favorite of Disney guests, but reservations are often times hard to get. 

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 Turns out we got one just on a whim. I think I looked at the app mid morning and there was a reservation for two for that same evening.  Perfect!  We actually ate a real light lunch that day because we knew we would be getting a lot of food at Ohana.

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Before our reservation, we spent some time walking around the resort and taking pictures.  While we were right in the middle of taking a photo we heard a loud crash! 

Polynesian Village Resort at Disney, Florida storms at Disney

It was one of those Florida thunder storms that just came out of no where. It continued to thunder and lightning before it actually started to rain.  Can you see the streak of lightening I caught? It looks as if it is coming out of the torch! Once it started raining, we went inside to wait.  I love the rain and watching storms so I was hoping that we would get a table by the window!

Ohana is  a Hawaiian themed restaurant located on the second floor of the Polynesian ( the same floor the monorail is on).  Tambu Lounge is right in front of Ohana and it's a great place to wait with a beverage. We did not do that. 

Disney's Ohana Dining room seating, window seating

Disney Tip: If you can't get a table at Ohana, you can order some of the same great food at the Tambu Lounge.  You may have to ask the server/bartender to see if you can get specific items.  If we weren't able to get into Ohana, that's exactly what we were going to do. But take note that seating it limited at Tambu Lounge. 

When you arrive at Ohana you will check in with the host/hostess. One thing they are strict about (which we learned from the family in front of us), is that they will not seat you until your entire party is present. So that means if someone is in the bathroom, you need to wait until they are all there! 

I will admit that we did wait a bit past our reservation time to be seated, but that was okay with us. We only had plans to watch Magic Kingdom fireworks later so the longer we could wait it out, the better.  We were finally seated at 6:44. ( I believe our reservation was for 6:00 or 6:15, I can't remember).

Disney's ohana restaurant seating

The interior of Ohana is a little darker, so I was very pleased to see that we would be getting a table by the window. We over looked the Seven Seas Lagoon and Cinderella castle. The view was nice, but I was most excited that I could continue watching the storm!

Fairytales and Fitness Disney blog review of Ohana

 I would say it was the best seat in the house! 

The dinner here is " All you care to enjoy" served family style, but it comes out in courses. After already doing the family style meal at Sebastian's a few weeks prior, we knew that we were not going to try to eat everything they brought out! We still wanted to be able to walk out of there! 

Our server brought our drinks out and then we started with bread service and a salad. 

Disney bread with honey butter

The bread was the signature Ohana bread with honey butter. We took a taste of this but did not fill up on the bread.  


The salad was a simple mixed green salad with citrus vinaigrette. That was tasty.

There are not character at dinner but there was a man playing the Ukulele. That was lovely to listen to  while we ate.

Next served,  was the Ohana skillet. 

Ohana menu, shrimp, chicken wings, noodles

On the skillet were the honey- coriander chicken wings, pork dumplings tossed in garlic- chili sauce, roasted broccolini, and the famous Ohana noodles.

Ohana menu, shrimp, noodles

  In additional bowls, our server brought out wood-fired frilled teriyaki beef, spicy peel-n-eat shrimp, and grilled chicken with Polynesian -inspired chimichurri sauce. 

Every thing was very good.  I was especially thankful that the beef was cooked well done. You may want to tell your server how you want your beef if they don't ask. I am not a fan of real spicy foods and even though some of the items were listed as spicy, they were tolerable for me and I enjoyed them.  I did not care for the broccolini. To me it tasted too wood fire-y for me. It almost tasted like charcoal (or what I imagine charcoal would taste like) 

Ohana menu

This is an all you care to enjoy meal.  If we wanted more of anything,  we could just ask and they would bring it. I don't believe we asked for more of any one item. There was plenty there on the one skillet for just the two of us.

Our last course was the famous Ohana bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. 

Ohana bread pudding

 Now I know why everyone loves this dessert. I think it had a bit of pineapple taste to it. It wasn't overly sweet. 

After dessert, we let our food digest and Lacey got a coffee.  We had a perfect view out this window for fireworks and we were debating on whether or not we just wanted to hang out here until then. Since it was only 8:26 pm by this time, we decided that we were just going to go to Magic Kingdom to watch them. 

It was definitely the perfect way to end a great dinner. 

At the time of our visit, dinner at Ohana was $59 per adult  Click HERE to see what the price will be during your visit.

If you like island style food served family style, I would highly recommend checking out Sebastian's Bistro at Disney's Caribbean Beach resort. You get a ton of food for half the price of Ohana! 

Dinner at Ohana is NOT a character meal, but breakfast is.

                                   Hawaiian Mickey, Character meal at Disney's Polynesian

The last time I was here for breakfast, the characters were Mickey and Friends in their Hawaiian outfits.

Hawaiian Goofy

 Since then the Characters have changed to Lilo and Stitch. I'm not sure if Hawaiian Mickey still makes an appearance or not, but the title of the breakfast is called "The Best Breakfast" featuring Lilo and Stitch and other friends. 

Mickey Waffles at Disney

Breakfast items are all brought out on a platter and just like dinner, it is all you care to enjoy and is served family style. These items are traditional breakfast items influenced by Polynesian flavors. I think that just means you get pineapple with your ham...lol

At the time of this posting, breakfast at 'Ohana is $49 per adult.  You can check HERE for the full menu and price during your visit.

"Ohana is great, especially if you want to see the characters. However, our favorite breakfast is at Kona Cafe. This restaurant is also on the second floor of the Polynesian ceremonial house, right around the corner from "Ohana. It also serves American breakfast with a Polynesian flare at a more reasonable price point ( reasonable by Disney standards..lol)

Would you prefer to do breakfast or dinner at "Ohana?

Till next time ~M

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