Wicked 10K Race Weekend at Virginia Beach

The Wicked 10K at Virginia Beach this weekend was a ton of fun.

J an A racing, Hampton Road Runners

Friday we headed to the expo and picked up our bib numbers, race shirts, and goodie bags. The expo this year was a bit larger than last year.

Meranda even bought a hand held water bottle from one of the vendors. She figured she  really should start hydrating on her long runs.

Yellow Lab Baylee

After the expo, we took the dogs to the beach for a little play time. (This is probably our favorite part of the Wicked race weekend)

When we woke up on Saturday morning, there was actually frost outside. This made us hesitant to wear the costumes we had planned. We decided to just wear some old long sleeve shirts to the start line and then toss them as we warmed up.

The costumes this year were amazing. There were runners dressed as Flintstone characters, Duck Dynasty (complete with canoe), Elvis, the Energizer Bunny, characters from The Wizard of Oz, and so many more.

Hampton Road Runners, J and A Racing

We didn't really dress up as much last year. Lacey wanted to run for time last year, but wanted to run for fun this year! Even running in her ball gown, she finished in good time. she only finished 2 minutes later than last year. If you guessed Lacey was Cinderella, you would be correct. I have a feeling this costume will be making its appearance again at a future Disney race!

Last year the finish line was on the boardwalk and the after party was moved from the beach to the convention center (because of hurricane Sandy). Even though we still got to run along the boardwalk this year, the finish line was right in front of the convention center, which was still okay because that is where the post race party was held.

In addition to the cool long sleeve tech shirt and the pumpkin medal, we were also give a cool tote bag, a Wicked 10K thermos, and a drawstring bag that I neglected to take pictures of.

Although the morning started off a little chilly, it ended up being warm by the time we started the race and ended up being a beautiful day. After the race we took the dogs back to the beach for some more play time.

Did you do a race or anything Halloween related this past weekend?


  1. No race or Halloween related activity for me this weekend but Christine ran the MCM while I spectated by watching runner tracking! LOL. We are now looking forward to the Wine and Dine half marathon weekend.

  2. Love y'alls costumes and the 10K shirt/medal!!! I really want to take my dogs to the beach sometime. I think they would have a lot of fun in the sand! We did take them to a Howl-o-ween pet walk and expo this weekend though :0)

  3. I really need to get a hand-held water bottle too. I've carried a full-sized water bottle in the past and my arm's always been tired the next day.

  4. Now I really need to do this race! I need to stop saying "maybe next year."

  5. I love it! I wish I lived closer. Looks like so much fun!