Runner's World Blogger Event: Barbecue at Runner's World headquarters

The past four days have been SO busy but so much fun! That's why you haven't seen a post for a few days! Let me first disclose that I was invited by Runner's World to represent our blog Fairytales and Fitness at their running festival this past weekend. My hotel room and all events that I attend were paid for by Runner's World.  All reviews of the event however, are my own opinion.

When I arrived in my room, I was greeted with an amazing welcome bag!  In it were two running books ( yay,I love to read), products from Injinji, Ortholite, Running Skirts, Wild Planet, Bondi band, Spibelt, and Belvita, just to name a few. We were also given a scavenger hunt that we had to complete over the course of the four days we were there. This consisted of taking pictures of certain things or events and tweeting them on Twitter.  This was great because it got us really involved and we were able to meet a lot of people ( because we had lots of questions we had to get answered). Kudos to Beachy from the Runner's World NY office for coming up with this!
The first event on the schedule that evening was a barbecue at the Runner's World headquarters. Runner's World had sent a limo bus to pick us up at the hotel!
As soon as we got off the bus at the headquarters, there was a photographer that instantly started taking pictures of us and he continued taking pictures through out the event. It was almost as if we were being followed by the paparazzi!

PR Director Dave, Bart Yasso, and the photographer waiting to greet us at Runner's World headquarters

Being served all organic food, this was probably the healthiest barbecue I have ever been to!

After dinner we got a chance to introduce ourselves and our blogs to the Runner's World Staff and their families.
I got to meet up with Megan again!

Other bloggers: Linda from Runnig4two, Ashley from Runningbun, Meranda, and Ericka from The Sweet Life with Ericka

After much socializing, it was time for Bart Yasso to lead the tour of the headquarters.
I already have a complete tour of the Runner's World Headquarters on our blog, so I didn't feel the need to reiterate it here again since most of the stuff we saw was the same. If you haven't already seen that post, you can read it here: A Look Inside Runner's World Headquarters.
Here are a few fun pictures that we got to take during the tour.
 A picture of Bart Yasso's office with him in it this time! He's pointing to the mile 10 mile marker from the Antarctica marathon.
Some bloggers checking out the December issue of Runner's World that just went to press.

 A sneak peek of the December cover.

 Bloggers having fun!
 After our tour we headed back to the hotel. I was exhausted and couldn't wait to have that king size bed all to myself!
We had another amazing day planned for tomorrow, so we all needed some rest. The Runner's World staff really treated us well. We were all so thankful to have been invited to this event! 
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  1. How FUN!!!! They sure know how to treat y'all well :) Can't wait to read more about your weekend!

  2. Yes, they sure do! The following day was even more fun!

  3. What an amazing welcome! I would love to go to the Runners World running weekend. Looks like a ton of fun!

    1. Even if you are just coming to run, it is totally worth spending the weekend up here! The fall leaves are beautiful and Runner's World puts on so many activities for the public too!

  4. This sounds like so much fun! Love it...can't wait to hear more!