RUNNING IS..........What would you write on the board?

 When I was at the Runner's World Festival weekend, Altra sponsored a board titled RUNNING IS.... They asked each of us bloggers to write our name and to finish the sentence what Running is to us.  Once the expo started, they asked other runners to write theirs as well. It was fun to go back at the end of the weekend and see the board completely filled and read what everyone wrote.

I took this picture on Sunday after the half marathon when Altra was cleaning up their booth, so that's why it looks so disheveled in this picture.

These are just a few that I thought were funny!

I laughed when I saw this one. This could have SO been mine, but it wasn't. But somebody has the right idea here, nothing like a Disney race!

This one could have been mine too, but I do try to resist peer pressure ( especially from siblings!).

And of course I thought this was funny because in most cases it is true!

 And Finally this is the one I wrote. I know it's not very creative or funny, but it's the first thing I thought of when it was my turn to write! ( someone putting a marker in your hand kind of puts you on the spot)

To see these reasons come to life, view Altra's  quick video HERE ( it's super quick, I promise)

 How would YOU finish this statement:  RUNNING IS........................

(please be as funny or as creative as you wish)


  1. The Disney World one could be mine as well. Nothing like a great excuse to go see Mickey and Minnie!

  2. Running is being free from anything and everything!

  3. Running time to rejuvenate and prove to myself that I can do anything!

  4. meditation! What a cool idea! I love it and love seeing all the different (and so true!) reasons for running. <3

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    1. I agree Karen! The only other time I had seen something like this was when my sister ran Boston this year. I think Poland Springs water sposored a board like this! I think it's such a cool idea to do at a race!