What Gives You That Boost Of Energy You Need?

Have you ever wondered about those Gu's and gels that runner's take?  I have, but didn't know if I really had a need for it. I never carry water on my training runs, never stop at water/Gatorade stops during a race, and have been known to run all 13.1 miles with out taking a drink ( bad I know). So I never thought I needed such a product.
                                                             Just completing a long run!

                                           Then, I was asked to try the new Chocolate Island Boost.

Anytime you take a new product it's hard to tell if it is actually the product that is improving your performance. There are so many variables to consider. How were you feeling that day on your run? Was it an evening run or a morning run? What was the weather like? 

The first time I tried island boost, I can honestly say I was having a bad run. It was in the middle of the afternoon, it was hot, and I only completed 7 of the 10 miles I set out to do that day.

The second time I used Island Boost, I had a great run!  I stopped to let two deer cross my path, and then had to stop again to give a lady in a car directions. At this point, I thought my time was shot. But then I tore open my Island Boost and sipped that for the next couple of intervals.  Now I know this might sound too commercially, but after I had that Island Boost, my little legs were like lightening! That must have literally given me the "boost" I needed! Even stopping for those deer and the lady asking for directions, I made my best time running that particular distance so far! Yay, a PR for me!

What I liked about Island Boost:
 I liked that I can fit it right in my running belt pouch.
 I like that you don't need to take water with it (because remember, I don't carry water nor do I stop).
 I liked that it was easily digestible and no cramping occurred.
 I like that the flavor was smooth.
 I liked the consistency of it. It is not gooey at all. I'm not sure what to compare it too, but it is even less thick than chocolate syrup!

These are some reasons why others may like it:
I am not vegan or on a gluten free diet, but this product is both vegan and gluten free.
I am also not a calorie counter, but this product only has 60 calories.
         (compared to 100 calories that other energy gels have)
It has a bit more potassium than other energy gels.
All the ingredients are pronounceable AND you actually know what these ingredients are without having to take an advanced Chemistry class!

Island boost is really not kidding when they say you get energy fast!
"The energy in Island Boost is absorbed into the blood stream at more than double the rate the body can produce by breaking down stored energy or by digesting food on the go. Island Boost rapidly delivers the energy you need to perform and keep going strong while preventing the body from breaking down muscle mass." -Island Boost

Island Boost is a great company! To see what all they are doing to bring you the best in Chocolate Island Boost please follow their campaign on IndieGoGo -http://tinyurl.com/k4shlvb

 You'll also want to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter too.
  • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/IslandBoost
  • Twitter @IslandBoost

    Island Boost is currently running a campaign right now where they are offering some great products in exchange for your support.  Check out how you can donate to their crowd funding campaign.

     So tell us, what gives you your boost when you run? What kind of fuel do you use? Would you ever consider using Island Boost?

    *Meranda and Lacey were each given a box of Island Boost to try in exchange for this review. However, all opinions expressed in this review were their own!


    1. I've been hearing about this for awhile now on Twitter and participated in an Island Boost chat last night. I'd definitely give it a try as I am always looking for new fuel products!
      Karen @karenlovestorun

      1. If you like things that aren't very gooey or gel like, you would like it.

    2. This is the 2nd great review of this product I've read on blogs this week... will have to give it a try!

    3. Sounds like a great product. We both may have to give it a try!

      1. Yea, it's always nice to try a new product every once in a while.