Encouraging Health at Rodale Press: Isn't it a Great Place to Work?

Like I mentioned in my first Runner's World post, Rodale Press is the home for several Healthy Living magazines! The Press definitely practices what they preach!

When I was there for the visit, I was completely impressed with their  Healthy Café!
The café uses all natural and organic products in their meals. They grow some of their own fruits and vegetables right on the property and they buy from local farmers when they can.
One of the gardens right outside of the Rodale Press Dinning Room.
Rodale also has an organic farm in Kutztown, Pa.
After our run with the editor's, we had a chance to get cleaned up and grab some lunch at the café. The special that day was a grilled vegetable Panini, so we decided to give it a try.  The Panini was so yummy and I was glad to see that it came with a side of crispy veggies that I would actually eat and not chips ( like most restaurants would serve with a sandwich).
Even sitting in the Rodale Dinning room was so serene!
Can you imagine sitting in the dinning room reading inspiring messages? In this dinning room you can. Employees here are actually encouraged to write on the wall.

Another detail that I took notice to was that in the woman's restroom they provided all the bathroom essentials to their employees. Do you want to brush your teeth after lunch? No problem, there are tooth brushes and tooth paste provided for you.   Did you spill some of your lunch on your shirt? No problem, they got that covered for you to with the shout wipes!  This place was just nirvana I tell you! 
In addition to all of this, Rodale also has a gym for their employees to enjoy free fitness classes everyday and a child care center right next door.  The American Heart Association has named Rodale Press as one of the top Fit Friendly companies!
Doesn't all this sound like a dream!
Many companies have now put forth efforts to encourage their employees to live a healthier lifestyle. What have you seen your ( or your spouse's) company do to help their employees get healthier?


  1. WOW that is impressive - they sound like a great company to work for!

  2. You know I live so close to Rodal and have never been there, sounds like a fantastic place to work!! Do you work there? My work does NOTHING for employee wellness!!

  3. Nice effort by Rodale for their employees. I love that they provide amenities in the bathroom!