Poison isn't Pretty

After being sore for a week from my bike accident, I was so looking forward to getting a massage this weekend. I've started to run again this week and thought maybe getting a massage would work out some of the soreness and kinks I still felt.  I was getting together with my sister this weekend and thought we would plan for us to get massages on Friday afternoon.  Well that plan was spoiled earlier this week when I woke up with poison ivy!  It turns out that it must have been a result of  cutting through those trees on our bike folly last Friday!  See what did I tell you, never a dull moment!

As of right now, I have it on my arms and legs. I have it all the way down my sore leg in which I already have a great big scab on my knee from the accident. It looks so attractive!  I'm hoping it doesn't spread to my neck or face because we have a wedding to go to later on tonight.  I've been using rubbing alcohol on it like crazy to dry it out and have been applying a topical ointment that my doctor gave me.  It's not working quick enough. I really want this poison gone fast!!!  

Have you ever had poison?  Do you have any suggestions or home remedies that you use or have heard of to get rid of it?



  1. Once you have the poison ivy, it really has to run its course. I take Benedryl at night to help with the itching. However, if you are ever in a woodsy area again, I suggest bathing with technu, available at drugstores. It definitely kept my husband from getting poison ivy many times. Good luck, that stuff is nasty.

    1. Thanks for the info on technu. I've never heard of it but will be looking in to it! I will definitely take caution next time I am in a woddsy area!

  2. Oh my word poison is the WORST. I had it two summers ago in random spots all over my body but I had a really bad spot on my wrist. It was so deep I needed meds to make it go away. I was miserable. I know you are no supposed to scratch the bubbles open, but it did not go away until I did that! (Even after the meds!) It could have been a coincidence in timing, or it could have been what i needed to do!