Parasailing Fun!

In addition to riding our bikes all over during the weekend, my friend that was visiting wanted to do some tourist activities. I didn't mind at all, because it's not like I do those often. It's fun to be a tourist in your home town sometimes. So we decided to go parasailing.

 I have never done that. I did feel like it was a bit pricey. I was happy that we were able to find a coupon to use. It was a small group of us that went out on the boat, my friend and I, a brother and sister, and a father and son. We rode the boat out to the middle of the ocean catching some waves. That was fun! We even saw several dolphins. Unfortunately, they were not up out of the water long enough to snap a picture.

When it was our turn, we put life vests on and a harness around our waist. They clipped us on a pulley, and hoisted us up. We went up about 600 ft. While we were up there, it wasn't too exciting, although very peaceful. Don't worry if you are afraid of heights, it doesn't seem that far up when you are up there. Also there are different heights you can choose from. They drove the boat around for about 15-20 minutes while we were up. I thought we would be swaying a bit while the boat was moving but it didn't feel like we were moving much. It felt like we were sitting on a swing but not moving. If you never tried it, you should, just to say you have experienced it. But I think one time was enough for me. The one thing I did think was fun was on the way down they dipped you in the ocean and you got your feet and legs wet!

Have you ever done parasailing? If so what did you think of it?

*UPDATE:  If you read our weekend post Beach Cruiser and Another Friday Folly , you'll remember us talking about a road closure which we thought was because of fallen trees.  We later found out that the road was closed because of an endangered spotted toad.  Really?  Isn't that crazy?


  1. LOVE parasailing! It gave me such an adrenaline rush when I did it!

  2. Seriously we have to meet up sometime for a training run...or a beach day! :) -Christine