My International Run in Ottawa, Canada : Where in the World Wednesday

Another Where in the World Wednesday post!

 I arrived in Ottawa the other evening after a very long work day, but I still wanted to go  for a short run. Overnighting in Ottawa, I am fortunate to stay right in the downtown area, which is very close to the canal, a perfect place to run and bike.
 Ottawa is a very fit city. You will always see someone along the canal working out, whether it's in the 70s or in the 40s. Those Canadians are used to the cold weather!  In the winter the canal freezes over and you can even ice skate on it. Well it was the perfect day for a run while I was there, In the low 70s. I started out knowing that I only wanted to do a short run since it's been a long day and the next day will be just as long. I don't know if it's a mental thing or not, but I had my GPS watch on, and I don't feel I work out as hard when it takes forever to find the location. I don't know if it was because I was in Canada that it made my GPS watch enabled or what the problem was but it would not find the location, so I had to just go by my watch time.  I made sure I did 30 minutes, which for me would have been a little over three miles. During my run I passed other runners and bikers along with people walking their dogs or just relaxing reading a book and even a yoga class.

Here are a few more pics I took along my run.


Because of the lovely scenery around the canal, Ottawa is one of my favorite places to run!
Is there a certain place that you’ve had trouble getting a GPS location?



  1. WOW, gorgeous!

    Also loving the new photo header at the top of y'all's blog :)

  2. Thanks Lauren,
    We'll be trying some new things with the blog over the next couple of days, seeing what works and what doesn't!