A Day in the Amusement Park ( with your dog)!

Our Yellow Labrador Belle had a birthday this week. She is now 6! Our family is crazy about our dogs, so of course we had to let her celebrate!

How do you celebrate a dog's birthday?  I'm so glad you asked.......

1. Take her to her favorite Theme Park

2. Let her ride her favorite rides

We're on the train and this thing actually goes faster than we thought!

She must be looking for bunnies!
3.Let her have her favorite treat! Vanilla Ice Cream ( because you know dog's shouldn't eat chocolate)
Yum, I am a happy dog!

After this afternoon, she was one Dog-gone tired dog!

Thanks for reading our fun little post!  But shhh, please don't tell Baylee we went to the amusement park!

Do you celebrate your dog's Birthday?


  1. How cool! Happy Birthday Doggy! I wish we could take our dogs to an amusement park. Which one did you go to? This weekend at the Lancaster Barnstormers-- it is bring your dog to the game. It is one of their favorite days of the year! (:

  2. This is so cute! My dad used to take our old dog for a ride every weekend and get her a "doggy ice cream sundae" at a local place, with a treat on top! He only stopped when my mom decided the dog needed to go on a diet =)

  3. AHHHHHHhhahahahahahahaah I LOVE THIS! Happy Birthday to your baby!! My favorite is the Ice Cream Smile hahaha so perfect! This is why I adore you!

  4. Cutest.post.ever. LOVE IT!!! My pups love vanilla ice cream too!!

  5. Happy Belated, Belle! Looks like you had a blast :)