A Different Kind of Botox


So I admit, I am a sweaty person. Not just your everyday sweat when you run or workout, but profusely sweat. I'm that person that you don't want to shake hands with when greeting or cannot wear a grey shirt without having wet marks underneath my arms. In the summer months, I'd rather wear socks and sneakers rather than sandals. Now I know what you are thinking, sandals are more comfortable and allow your feet to breath, but not mine. My feet end up black from wearing my flip flops and having my feet sweat. At least with socks and sneakers no one sees your feet sweat.

I've always had this problem since I can remember, even when I was in school, which could be quite embarrassing at times. It wasn't until a few years ago I was watching Good Morning America and they were talking about a procedure that was Botox injections for the excessive sweater. I knew right then and there that I was a candidate for it. I knew that it would be pretty expensive and wasn't even sure where I would be able to go to get it done. I didn't care how much it cost, because whatever it was, I knew it would be worth it to me. After seeing this I got right on the internet to see who does this procedure in my area. Luckily, I didn't have to look far, because the cosmetic/plastic surgeon at the local hospital does this procedure now. So I set up my first appointment. It is called Botox Neurotoxin.

When I arrived at the first appointment, I asked him if he does the hands and feet too. He told me that he has never done that before but he could if I wanted him to. He also said that I was pretty brave to get those areas done, since they are very sensitive.  The Botox is injected into the areas wear you experience severe sweating.  The Botox temporarily blocks the chemical signals that come from your nerves that stimulate the sweat glands, and the severe sweating stops ( at least temporarily)! It is not the greatest feeling, so if you are very sensitive to needles or pain, or just an average sweater, I wouldn't recommend it. However, I would recommend it if you are reading this blog and think to yourself, I have that problem too! Trust me, you won't regret it! In my opinion, the pain to me is very minimal compared to what the outcome is. This procedure is to be used only when other methods such as topical ointments and perscription deoderants or antiperspirants are just not getting the job done!  The Doctor says it's suppose to last up to 6 months. Since it is pretty pricey I usually only do it once a year. This is the third year ( maybe the fourth) that I’ve had it done.  By doing all three areas at once ( underarms, hands, feet) I even get a discount.

The nurse is applying the numbing cream

At my appointment yesterday, the nurse asked me if I wanted numbing cream for my hands and feet. I told her I didn't get any put on last time, but I'd try it, hoping that I may feel a little less pain this time.
While we were waiting for the numbing cream to kick in, the doctor started the procedure with my underarm area ( that doesn't get numbing cream).  He simply put the needle in and started injecting while the nurse holds a cooling hose over the area.
Then it was on to my feet ( since that was the first area to be numbed). Well even with the numbing cream, I still felt the pain! Maybe it just wasn't on long enough to soak in, but it hurt just as much this time as it did before.  The doctor injects the botox into each of my feet, as well as each of my toes.
The same procedure is done for the palms of my hands and for each finger.  It feels like little pricks, and you can see the little blood spots.
There are no side effects afterwards, only a little black and blue on the first day. The procedure itself does not take long at all. I think I was in the waiting room longer than I was in the back room having it done. I have been very happy with the results and would highly recommend it to anyone that sweats profusely like I do. It is money well spent! The nurse told me that they are wroking on a procudure for the future that may eliminate the needles and just use a laser. Hmm, I hope that is ready by my next visit!
Here is what my hand looked like a few hours after the procedure.  Can you see the black and blue marks?
So am I the only one who has this sweating problem?
Would you consider this procedure?
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  1. If I were a profuse sweater and it was an option...I definitely would consider it. I hope it works for you and you can get some relief!

  2. Thanks for reading Sarah. Yea, the procedure works pretty well. I've been happy with it! ~L

  3. Wow, I've never heard of this procedure! I never realized how much I sweat in general until I had to shave my head from chemo - whenever I workout, I wear a hat and it always ends up soaked with sweat! I've looked into medical procedures regarding scarring since I unfortunately have a lot of it from the symptom of the cancer I had, but it's just so pricey!