Happy Day Friday!

It's Friday! Congrats to all our friends who got up this morning to run the Disneyland 5K!

We however, are beach bound!  As most of you know, My mom, sister, and I will all be running the Rock n Roll VA Beach Half Marathon this weekend.  We will be headed down to the beach later today, possibly going to the  race expo at the VA Beach Convention Center, and hopefully visiting a Sweet Frog. 
We will be staying social all weekend.  If you would like to stay connected with us make sure you join our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/fairytalesandfitness, ( if you haven't already, I hope you join. We'll be sharing lots of fun pics)  and although we've been so relaxed in using it, we will promise to use twitter this weekend too! You can follow along with us @fairytalesnfit.

We will probably be riding our bikes to the expo when we go, so I hope to not have to report another Friday folly. Please keep your fingers crossed!

Just in case you've missed last year's Rock N Roll Race recap, we'll leave our link here.

                                                               Rock N Roll VA Beach 2012

What fun things do you have planned for this weekend?  Please share!

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