My Run Through Albany

Last night I arrived in Albany NY . The hotel I was staying at was right next to an ihop. Well I knew I couldn't pass up their famous pancakes.  But in order to enjoy them with a little less guilt I knew I had to get a good run in.

Waking up the next morning I was anxious to start my run because of what I was going to have afterwards. I put on my work out outfit and sneakers. I went to grab my gps and my ipod. Just to find out that my ipod was completely dead! How was I suppose to go for a run and not be able to listen to my ipod? I thought about skipping the run all together. But I already had my mind set on those pancakes and knew I wouldn't be able to enjoy them without running prior.

I would consider Albany upstate NY, so I thought it would be much cooler in the a.m. Not so much. It was already in the 80s with humidity. I was told that there was a park close by that had many trails to run through. So I set out toward the park. I didn't think that I would be able to go far, having no music, but luckily when I arrived at the park, I ran into one of the men I was traveling with for work. I think we were both happy to find each other there. He said he was losing motivation and glad that I could push him a bit more, and for me someone to chat with because I didn't have any music to listen to.  Here are some pictures of the beautiful park I got to run through.

I found this little guy along the trail.
I thought it was a yellow Labrador but as I got closer realized it was a real light Golden Retriever. SO CUTE though!
And, as luck would have it, I did end up seeing a Labrador later.
 This little guy was too excited to get his picture taken!

We ended up doing 7 miles. As much as I like being in the zone and running by myself, it's always nice to switch it up and run with someone to help pass the time.   I'm glad I did the run, I actually had a nice time!

Afterwards, I was debating to even have the pancakes since I just had a good run. But its all about balance, so I decided to have them, and they were very yummy! 

What's your favorite cheat food after a good run/workout?

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  1. Mmmm, pancakes! It's been a long while since I've had them. Beautiful run, love the shots you got. I really cannot wait to GO SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE and run! LOL...too bad I'm not scheduled to go anywhere until the Princess 2014! wompwomp.