Walt Disney Marathon Part 3: Race Day

Marathon Day: Sunday January 13, 2013

Run Disney
Again, we are up earlier than we would like to be.  We grabbed a little breakfast and then headed to the bus stop. If you ever come for a Disney Race, make sure you take advantage of the discounted room rates and stay on Disney property!  This was you can take the transportation that is provided by Disney. I would not want to be responsible for getting myself to the race ( or even getting a cab). The traffic is horrible!  We finally arrived to the Epcot area and I walked the 15 minute walk over to the staging area with her.  By the time we got there it was like the paparazzi where everywhere!  There were so many cameras going off, both professional and amateur.  As soon as you walked through the gate, um Mickey Ears, there was someone there to take your picture, and then several more times while you are waiting to go into your coral.

I hung out with my sister until her coral was called to line up.  She was in coral A, so I didn’t have to stay very long.   I decided to not stay for the fireworks start.  As much as I wanted to see her at the starting line, I would much prefer watching her run through the Magic Kingdom.  Because this is a much larger race than the Princess half Marathon, I wasn’t quite sure how the logistics would play out so I just headed right to the monorail for the Magic Kingdom. I didn’t want to miss her.  I wanted to mention that while I was on the monorail, we stopped at the Contemporary Resort and a runner got on. Some other people who were spectators were commenting to her on how late she was going to be and they hoped that she wasn’t in coral A. The runner said that she WAS in coral A and that she always leaves at the last minute.  I was kind of worried for her because I know they were starting to call coral A when I left.  I hope she made it on time.

I’ll let my sister tell the rest of the story from her point of view! -M
The time had finally come, my first Marathon! All the hard training will finally pay off. I was lucky enough to have my sister come with me to be my cheer squad for the Marathon.
I woke up at 3am. and started getting around for my race. I always have everything layed out the night before, so I'm not frantic looking for things the morning of. Stepped outside, and it was already warm. Guess I didn't need to bring my throw away sweatshirt for the start. The outfit that I decided on was my compression capris and a tank top with a matching skirt that my sister had made for the occasion. Got to the starting line, and I must have tied my shoes 10 times. I don't know if it was a nervous thing or what. But it was better than feeling like I had to go to the bathroom. I kept saying to myself. It's just a normal run only with 20,000+ other people and going 26.2 miles today. I feel like I always have to give myself a little pep talk before I start my races, or I get really bad anxiety and have trouble breathing. Seeing that this was my first marathon, I was going to pace myself well, so I didn't hit that dreaded wall runners talk about. I know I can get through a half in less than two hours. So I thought double that, and add just a bit more and I should be able to complete this in 4 hours!
My next goal during the race was to make sure I was under two hours during the half way point. If I could do that and keep up with my pace, I should be able to finish in 4 hours. I got to 13.1 and I was at 1:59. I kept thinking to myself, I can do this! Of course to get the time I wanted there was no way of stopping to wait in line for pictures.

To be able to run in all four of the Disney Theme parks, practically by yourself (besides 20,000+ other runners) is just an amazing feeling. Since I had been going to Disney since I was a little girl, I was so happy to have this be my first Marathon. Another reason why I chose Disney to be my first Marathon was because this year it was there 20 year anniversary. They were changing the course a bit, having something spectacular going on at mile 20(so they said), and not to mention the half a pound medal you would receive after crossing the finish line.

run disney
Marathoners running down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom
Throughout the whole marathon I felt good, and there were many distraction to take my mind off of thinking about how far I have to continue to go. Some of my highlights of the run were definitely going through the castle at Magic Kingdom. When I was entering Magic Kingdom it was about mile 5. And the whole time since I started the race, I kept pulling my skirt down, because it was homemade and I did not try it on while my sister was making it for me, it didn't fit the way I was hoping. Earlier that morning we decided that space allowing, she was going to meet me at the entrance of Magic Kingdom. And  boy was I glad to see her! I was very much appreciative of her thoughtfulness in making the skirt, but it had to go! I threw it to her and kept running.  So here is a lesson for anyone that is going to wear a skirt or costume to run in: try it on and run a few laps BEFORE you get to Disney or whatever race you are going to.

magic kingdom
Running through the castle!
Another spot I thought was neat running through, was where they made costumes. We ran through this tunnel and were able to see sewing rooms through the glass windows. Then there was running around the speedway track. We ran through the Wide World Of Sports and inside the stadium, which was very neat. There was a band, that was close to that area, and I believe that was around mile 20. I'm assuming that was suppose to be the 20 mile spectacular. But after 20 miles, I don't think there would be anything spectacular that you would see to make you get any more pep in your step. I was proud to say that I finished my first Marathon in 4:00:36. My sis still teases me and says if I didn't stop to throw my skirt off at her, I could have got under 4 hours. Although, I kept thinking, had I not threw it at her, I would have been bothering me for another 3 and half hours, and I may not have made my 4 hour goal. I guess that will be my goal for my next marathon, to get under 4 hours.

As I crossed the finish line and made my way out of the chute, I was able to find my sister off to the side. She was actually able to present me with my very first marathon medal.  As I walked up to her, she placed it around my neck.  This is a beautiful half pound medal that I have to be proud of and it was even more special since she was there to share the experience and present it to me.

After I got my medal, I picked up some drinks and a snack box and then headed right to the massage tent. They were offering massages for one dollar per minute, so I couldn’t pass up that deal.   

We then went to the merchandise tent to see if there was anything different than what was at the expo the previous days.  There wasn’t.  We were a little disappointed in the merchandise for this race. There was a ton of stuff that had the Disney Half Marathon on it and some Goofy Challenge merchandise, but not as much for the Full Marathon. In fact, at the merchandise tent after the race I don’t think there was anything (clothing wise) from the Full Marathon.


polynesian village resort
The big Kahuna at Koa Cafe

After our unsuccessful shopping in the merchandise tent, we headed to the bus stop and waited for the Polynesian bus.  We decided that we would have breakfast at the Kona Café.  This was our first time at the Kona Café and I highly recommend it.  We both got “The Big Kahuna” breakfast which consisted of pancakes with macadamia nut butter, potatoes, 2 eggs, bacon, ham, and sausage.  Definitely a bargain for all the food you get! 
The next day was a day to relax at the park.  We decided to spend the day at Magic Kingdom. It was a fun day but a lot of walking after running a marathon. I was a trooper, but so was my sister, in listening to me say how sore I was and walking very slowing, and doing no steps. Not to mention stopping at every water stop and bathroom I saw. Overall, the weekend was great and I couldn't have asked for better company. Thanks for all you do for me sis!

20th anniversary medal 2013
2013 Disney Marathon medal
If you would like to read about our crazy volunteering adventure the day before at the Walt Disney World half marathon, you can find that HERE.



  1. Found your review! Loved it! I totally agree that at mile 20, nothing is going to impress me:) I just want to finish running and eat!

    1. Thank you for stopping by to read it. It was quite an experience!

  2. This was my first marathon as well!! Great job on the finish! I love the medal and the t-shirt! Are you running this year?

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I wont be running the WDW marathon but will be there for PHM weekend!


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