Virginia is For Lovers 14K: 2013

February 9, 2013

J and A races

This weekend I participated in the Virginia is for Lovers 14K.  My mom came to watch me run this one. Seeing that this run is in February, you never know how the weather will be. One year, I heard it snowed during the race. I was hoping that was not the case this year.

Of course it rained the whole day before the race. But the day of the race, it did not rain. Although I wouldn't say we lucked out, because even though it didn't rain, it was cold and pretty windy. It was only around 32 degrees for the race, and with the wind chill it felt in the 20s...very cold race!

Even though this race was considered Virginia Beach, it was not at the ocean front, which meant we would have to drive to the race. We drove there the day before to the expo, which was not too far from where I live. The expo itself was pretty small. I picked up my race shirt and bib number, and a complimentary wine glass.  I also bought some socks, and a nice Virginia is for Lovers windbreaker, that came in very handy the next day.

We gave ourselves enough time in the morning to drive to the race and get a good parking spot. We were told if we didn't get there at a certain time we would probably not be able to get a parking spot in the lot and would have had to walk from up the road. We made sure there would be no additional walking before the race. We were able to hang out inside the Field House until the start, which was good, since it was so cold and windy out.

I finally made my way to the starting line in the first corral to start my race. It started at Virginia Beach Field House then went down Dam Neck Road through the Farm Bureau, Virginia Beach Amphitheater down Recreation Drive to Hampton Roads Soccer Complex. Right before we got to the complex there was a bunch of cheesy pick up line signs. They were for sure cheesy, but entertaining to read during the run.  The course went back on Dam Neck Road to the Finish line inside the Virginia Beach Field House. Despite the weather I still finished the 14k in 1hr and 6 mins.
J and A race medal
Virginia is for Lovers 14k medal for 2013
After Finishing we got the medal and even a beanie hat. The runners also received baker's crust tomato soup in a bread bowl and a Yuengling beer and enjoyed a great band playing!

This race was not one of my favorites. In addition to the cold weather, we ran through industrial roads that were not very exciting and didn’t have any spectators. I really do think having spectators gives off some energy to motivate you to keep going. Not sure if this will be a race I will run again. -L


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